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    Hi everyone! I'm currently looking for someone to write a story based in the Rick and Morty universe! I have a couple of ideas about what I want to do, but I'm totally down to hear what ideas you may have! I'm going to list my ideas below, as well as a few just random scenarios that I haven't thought through yet! We can have genderbent characters, so don't feel like this has to be M// or anything!

    • Birdperson x Rick - Birdperson is on the hunt for his daughter and could use some help. Space Beth suggests they bring in her father and BP is hesitant, but after the first attempt to save his daughter fails, the bird goes to Rick for help. 
    • Rick x Adult!Morty #1 - A Rick in the Citadel finds himself in Morty Town at the perfect time and ends up coming across a gang of Mortys beating another Morty. The reason? This Morty actually wants a Rick, even if he is knows he shouldn't and that all Ricks are terrible. This Rick has always wanted a Morty, but never wanted to deal with the BS that goes into getting one through the Citadel. This is his perfect chance to have a travelling companion. 
    • Rick x Human OC - Human OC finds themself caught up in a shootout between Rick+Morty when they're doing something or other. Human's car is fucked up and they demand that Rick pay to fix it. They end up exchanging numbers so that they can sort it all out. Rick's enemies find this human's information in his phone and take it upon themselves to bring the human into things, thinking they mean something to Rick. Morty ends up convincing Rick to go save them and the OC and Rick end up actually hitting it off, because of reasons.
    • Rick x Adult!Morty #2 - C137cest. Aged up Morty at the end of season 5. They're stuck on the destroyed piece of the Citadel and have no real way to get home. With things being a bit better between Rick and Morty after their initial break, the two now have the time to talk about the bullshit they pulled. Feels are had and feelings are realized, bruh. 

    Now I know those aren't completed formed ideas, but they're more thought out then the next ones!

    • Dog!Adult!Morty x Rick - A Morty that was fused with a dog is abandoned on the Citadel. A Rick in need of a Morty gets this one assigned to him.
    • Rocker!Rick x Adult!Morty - These two would be unrelated in this AU. The Flesh Curtains are playing in the area and Summer has an extra ticket. Morty gets drug along. Rick is younger (probably 30s/40s) and still involved with space stuff. The Federation gets involved at the concert.
    • Any x Rick - Soulmate universe where Rick and Any Other Character are soulmates. 
    • Sugar Daddy!Rick x Adult!Morty - This can go one of two ways!
      • Morty never met Rick, Rick never invented portal crap. Instead he just walked out on his family and began living in a college city where Morty ends up going one day in the future. Awkward things happen when they realize they're related.
      • Rick is in his 30s/40s and lives in a college town when he isn't off on adventures. Morty finds him on a sugar daddy site, which Rick signed up for randomly. No incest here, but it could still have fun science fiction stuff going on! 
    • Pirate!Rick x Anyone - Literally no ideas, but I think it'd be cool as fuck to do something wish a pirate setting? Like, boats and rum and all of that fun stuff.
    • This isn't really, like, a plot idea, but I want Rick to be called Papi in bed. He's gonna be a Spanish speaker in all of my writings, 'cause Spanish speaking Rick is my absolute favorite version of him.

    If any of these would be of interest to you, or you have another Rick and Morty idea, hit me up! I wanna write in this verse really bad!


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    I’m kinda craving writing Flesh Curtains era Rick, so if anyone has an interest in playing against your favorite drug using rock star, who likes to serenade his LI with Spanish songs, hit me up. Spanish speaking Rick is my weakness and I wanna make him yours too!

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    Anyone wanna write an adult Morty for me? I'm open to a lot of stories, even just platonic ones, no need for any type of nonplatonic relationship between them!

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