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  • Rules and Required Readings:
    Rules and Required Readings

    Club Roleplay Advertising Terms and Conditions

    Club Roleplay Advertising

    Internal Advertising Services

    Terms and Conditions

    These terms and conditions pertain to the Club Roleplay Advertising service which is open to all active Dreamers on EcchiDreams. These terms and conditions do not supersede the Terms of Service for EcchiDreams.

    Table of Contents:-

    • Acceptance of Terms
      • Disclaimer
    • Fees and Payment
    • Prohibited Club Adverts
    • Our Responsibilities and Obligations
    • Service Banning

    Acceptance of Terms

    EcchiDreams is providing an internal advertising service to all of its members and visitors under the terms and conditions, outlined here. Placing a Club Roleplay Advert implies acceptance of these terms and conditions. These terms can be changed at any time with or without direct notification to the users, so it is recommended that you check these terms and conditions document every so often. We will always put the date that the terms and conditions were last updated at the top of the document, under the title. All users of the service are bound by these terms regardless of rank. These rules only apply to the Club Roleplay Advertising section. You agree that you understand all of these terms and by submitting an advert you agree to all terms in these Terms and Conditions.


    It is not our responsibility to make your advert look good. Click through rates, and signups to your roleplay club are not guaranteed. Getting a return on this investment is not guaranteed or implied. There are NO hidden costs or clauses in these Terms and Conditions and they are displayed at normal sized font, to not discourage people from reading. 

    Cards that show the club’s information will be displayed on the homepage as well as in various areas on the site and is visible to all Dreamers regardless of premium membership status. Adverts will be on a random rotation with other adverts, including filler adverts, which changes per page reload.

    Advertising a club does not equal endorsement from EcchiDreams over its content.

    Fees and Payment

    The current cost for advertising as of the 30th August 2022 is:

    • 2,500 EcchiCredits per four (4) weeks of advertising or,
    • 30,000 EcchiCredits per year of advertising (7.6923% discount) 

    We do not accept any other currency such as, but not limited to, any “legal tender”, physical currency or cryptocurrency as per the Terms of Service. You must have these EcchiCredits “On Hand” and out of your bank account. Payment will be taken upon the advert’s approval. 

    Adverts are not refundable, in most cases - if the site has any down time, you will have that time (doubled) as an extension to your advert; for example if the site is down for a day, your advert will be extended by two days, one for the time lost, the other as compensation, you can keep an eye on our downtime for transparency reasons by clicking here. The exception to this is adverts that are booked in advance (and not yet active) can be cancelled and a refund can be issued.

    Prohibited Club Adverts

    We do not allow certain types of roleplay clubs from being advertised, and your advert will be rejected if your club violates any part of this section. 

    • Clubs that violate the Terms of Service in any part.
    • Private Clubs; clubs that are set to private.
    • Non-Roleplay Clubs; such as community clubs, fan clubs and so on.
    • Clubs in which the title, icon and cover falsely advertises the content or lies by omission.
    • Clubs whose primary focus is extreme sexual content; such as but not limited to, roleplays involving adolescents or younger, rape, incest, beastiality, gore, vore, scat, necrophilic acts and so on is not permitted.
    • Clubs whose primary focus is on extreme political views such as, but not limited to,  Nazism, Communism or racial supremacy and so on are not permitted.
    • Clubs whose primary focus is not roleplaying within that club.

    Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and is open to constant review. We reserve the right to say no to any content that is deemed not advertiser friendly, but you will be told why and likely the terms and conditions will be updated.

    Our Responsibilities and Obligations

    • Staff moderate each advert that goes up; to make sure it complies with the Terms of Service of EcchiDreams and the Terms and Conditions of the Club Roleplay Adverts.
    • We have an obligation to view all complaints about topics relating to said adverts, however that said we firmly believe in the right to free expression. As long as nothing violates the Terms of Service and the advert doesn't violate the Terms and Conditions. Complaints about adverts can be made in EcchiTexts to a Community Administrator, we reserve the right to forward complaints with our findings to the Advert Owner, with personal information and names redacted.
    • Your advert will be on a random rotation with other adverts, including filler adverts for the duration, this is random per page change or refresh.
    • We will not show preference in impressions, and as far as we're concerned all adverts will be displayed equally regardless of Dreamer activity, premium membership status or what is being advertised.

    Service Banning

    We reserve the right to ban any user or club from this service (Not from the website) for violating the terms and conditions. For example if the entire club changes after approval to one that violates the terms and conditions, the club ID and the user may be banned. If there is an advert in progress, it will be stopped and a refund (either in part, or in whole) will not be guaranteed.

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