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  • Roleplay Advertising Terms and Conditions

    • Last Updated: 3rd July 2020:- Corrected spelling mistake/typo

    EcchiDreams ~ Internal Advertising Services

    Roleplay Advertising for EcchiDreamers

    Terms and Conditions

    The Terms and Conditions do not supersede the Terms of Service for EcchiDreams.

    It is your responsibility to make sure your advert looks good, and click through rates are not guaranteed. You agree that you understand all of these terms when buying an advert. These Terms and Conditions, and our responsibilities listed on this page only apply to the adverts in the bottom of Sidebars located on this website (EcchiDreams). These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time, with or without notification - although it'll always have a last updated date. Getting a return on this investment, is not guaranteed or implied.

    There are NO hidden costs or clauses in these Terms and Conditions and they are displayed at normal sized font, to not discourage people from reading. By submitting an advert you agree to all terms in these Terms and Conditions. 


    • Image maybe subject to "Lossy" compression before going live on the site.
    • If the picture is not to specification then it'll be reduced to that size, either by cropping or stretching, depending on aspect ratio.
    • Images cannot contain anything that violates the EcchiDreams Terms of Service. 
    • The amount of clicks you get is completely upto other users and how good your image is at advertising your message.
    • Drawn porn (Hentai) is acceptable in the adverts.
    • The image has to be a JPG/JPEG. Animated adverts are not accepted.


    • Your advert must not violate the EcchiDreams Terms of Service, at all.
    • You must not falsely advertise any service of features of your roleplay.
    • Your advert must link to your Private Roleplay Topic or to your Roleplay Club.
      • It cannot link to a Location topic, Side Story or Character ID topic, Roleplayer Preferences Sheet or another website entirely. 
    • You can only have one active advert per topic at any one time. 
      • You are able to pay in advance for one advert - For example 8,000 EcchiCredits for (4 x 28) days advertising. There is no limit to how many days in advance you can buy.

    Our Responsibilities and Obligations

    • Staff moderate each advert that goes up; to make sure it complies with the Terms of Service of EcchiDreams and the Terms and Conditions of the Roleplay Adverts.
    • We will make an effort to make the advert as small as possible (In terms of file size, not resolution), with as little loss to quality as possible for performance reasons.
    • We have an obligation to view all complaints about topics relating to said adverts, however that said we firmly believe in the right to free expression. As long as nothing violates the Terms of Service and the advert doesn't violate the Terms and Conditions. Complaints about adverts can be made in the record that the advert is located in.
    • Your advert will be on a random rotation with other adverts, including filler adverts for 28 days, this is random per page change or refresh.
    • We will not show preference in impressions, and as far as we're concerned all adverts will be displayed equally regardless of Dreamer activity, premium membership status or what is being advertised.
    • Adverts are not refundable, in most cases - if the site has any down time, you will have that time (doubled) as an extension to your advert; for example if the site is down for a day, your advert will be extended by two days, one for the time lost, the other as compensation, you can keep an eye on our downtime for transparency reasons by clicking here. That said adverts booked in advance can be cancelled. 

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