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Forbidden Desires

You've been told for as long as you can remember that you're not supposed to. That it's not right. How so? At the end of the day, it's just two humans following their primal instinct. And wouldn't it be logical to seek pleasure in those closest to you?

The older sibling you've always looked up to and perhaps had a latent crush on. They often serve as mentors, so why not have them teach you the ways, so you are better prepared for the road ahead? Or perhaps the younger sibling? Just seems like yesterday that they were a child running around and annoying you. Suddenly from a change in their dress.. an awkward walk in, or a day at the beach you see that they've grown up. They look good, even. You know they idolize you and will do anything you say. What would it hurt to have a little fun with your little sibling? Whether it's just casually on the side or imagine a romantic relationship and how the sibling bond would only strengthen your ties as lovers.

Maybe you care for your parent a little too much. A mama's boy, or daddy's girl. You don't have to hang from your mother's teat for the rest of your life... unless you want to. Imagine seeking pleasure in the very place you were conceived. A full circle. Show your mother the appreciation she deserves by slaking her unfulfilled lust with your youthful energy. Daddy issues got you down? Strange how your boyfriends have some similarity to your father, but tend to end in disaster? Stop being in denial and just go to the source. There can be no replacement for the real thing, after all. And only daddy knows how to treat his little girl right.

You create life. Something from nothing. You and your partner, together. The human miracle! Created, born, and years spent raising, teaching, training, sheltering, protecting them. Once they start to mature, isn't it a parent's duty to teach and train them in the ways of sexual activity firsthand? Maybe you believe you're entitled for all that raising and training. Plus, you can't help wondering how it would feel with your own child... the ultimate forbidden desire. How far should this 'unconditional love' go?

Now, once you've dared to cross this line with whatever family member you choose how shall you proceed? Keep it secret, and letting it out in furious passion while you're alone? Perhaps just an extension of your typical familial relationship now with the bonus of casual sex and luxury of not having to go far to enjoy it. Maybe you'll want to dive deep into the passion, throw caution to the wind and use your family member as a sexual playing. Or let it spark emotions you've never thought possible, leading to the most passionate, enjoyable sex you'll ever experience.

Why stop there!? Now that you've experienced the joys of family 'love' you'll never want to go back to 'normal' people. They just won't do it for you anymore! The urge to procreate screams into your brain... the affair with your sibling leading to an unexpected new child on the way. Remember the full circle of visiting your place of conception with your mother? Take it all the way and create life within her at the same place where you were created. Father sure knows how to treat his little girl. Better than anyone your own age knows how. Your ovaries are aching and your maternal clock is ringing. You'd gladly be the best in your daddy's eyes when you conceive a child for him. And on the flip side... son grown into a young stud and you're not getting any younger. He's always been your little baby as you continue to welcome him inside of you... one final gift for him, a child of his own with his loving mother. Or as a father, it's not like you get the chance to be with girls as young as your daughter. Besides, you helped to create her, imagine how it will feel getting your own daughter pregnant... repeating the cycle. Hell, if she has a girl, you may still have a young one to play with by the time you reach retirement!

However you want to experience it, this is the place to do it. Casual, lovers, playthings. Go wholesome and loving or dark and twisted. For something so not right, why does it feel so good? The only rule is they must be related to you! Don't waste your time with that 'step' nonsense. Unless it's blood on blood you'll never realize what you've been missing.

No fancy games or convoluted plots needed. Whether it be short term or long term. You can add your characters and relation over at Family Members. From there on, head over to the Living Room to post what family members you'd like to spend time with and what activities you'd like to do with them. Once that's settled, head onto Debauchery Central enjoy your family bonding time together.




May have noticed some subtle changes. Going to try to mix it up a little around here. Spice it up. Add variety. Make it easier for people to find the right family member they're looking for.

Look out for OOC just becoming OOC. Want to make a new page for requests only. Perhaps adding a discussion page or turning OOC into discussion to discuss different pairings, brainstorming ideas... perhaps the type of family members you prefer, or perhaps 'Hey Noods get off your lazy ass and do this!'

I do remember at one point having a page/thread where we all play one big family. May take some planning if anyone's interested. If we did, I'd like to create a family tree of sorts for it. Example, I'd like to be both a father and big brother, so who would be my daughters, who would be my sisters. Perhaps me + whoever sister = whoever daughter. Sure plenty want to be fathers, so who would be my nieces and nephews? I also wouldn't mind fucking several generations. Someone want to be my mother, then maybe have daughter with the mother and hurray, the elusive sister-daughter! SSR, Legendary! I'd imagine we can assign multiple characters so someone not just stuck being a mother/sister/daughter, etc. Maybe make them like... elves or some shit so they're not immortal, but have very long life spans which means more and more generations to fuck! Yay!

Any other ideas you'd like to request, just text me or I think I had a suggestion thread in OOC... I don't fuckin' remember. I'm a horrible club leader...




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