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Much of the land of Talvania is unexplored, and only for the most brave of travellers to dare cross its expanse. The land is filled with many hidden dangers. Outlaws take advantage of the light policing to raid all kinds of travellers, either solo or an entire caravan. No one escapes their gaze. Enemies cloak themselves in the shadows to strike without warning, seeking to coat their blades and bullets with your blood. One must be wary when travelling, even along the most well worn roads. Those who leave the safety of their town without a gun close to their hand are considered fools at best, for courting with death so willingly.

The wilds of Talvania are untamed and are merciless to those that walk among it. The creatures of the country rule without opposition, and are willing to hunt those that dare tempt fate. One would be wise not to wander off of the main path, for they take the chance to become lost and attract the ire of the predators that stalk the lands on silent feet. 

But for the bravest souls, adventure abounds and there are many secrets to be unlocked through the wild and untamed lands. What adventures await you and your characters? What tales will you regale to those around the campfire? 

Roleplay Difficulty: Easy

Rules of the Roleplay:

  • Standard Roleplaying Rules.
  • At minimum, I wish for at least one paragraph in a post. A Character ID must be complete before roleplaying said character.
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