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After some inspiration, I decided to create a group which dreamers can share images that they love (lewd o not lewd) and make other dreamers guess what story that image is telling them. The goal is not to discover the true story behind each image, but to imaginate what it could be, basically, we want everyone to have fun!

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EcchiDreams Specific Community Club
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  2. Nice bundle of images. I'll try to update this post as long as I get ideas of each image you posted! 14
  3. How about this... What if I tell you that its in fact a sci-fi picture? Or rather... A lil weird sci-fi themed idea came to my mind! Long green fingers were flipping through pages of a primitive paper book while the universal translator device scanned the printed writings on them. Researcher Katarau of the Oktanti Xeno-Exploration Institute spent several hours on scanning and cataloguing books that her crew found in that ruined building that seemingly served as a book storage. Or possibly a library? Nah, too disorganized... Unless “they” had different sorting and storage methods than the
  4. You know... The type of artworks that are often weird, sometimes trippy, usually quite silly, but... always colorful, "warm" and make my imagination go wild. Plus they bring memories and nostalgia about the action movies in the 90s. Like Judge Dredd, Demolition Man, Alien and many others like that. Those were the days when people knew how to just have fun in the movies, you know? And not only. Lots of sci-fi books that I've read too, mostly by Russian writers. And the old stuff, not what they are writing now, full of politics and other nonsense - same as any media content (movies, tv-shows, ga
  5. Fairly simple idea that springs to mind: A mother who had a son who went to war. Unfortunately, he did not make it through and was deadly injured in battle. His body was afterwards brought home and according to tradition, his corpse was sent out to sea, to the afterlife.
  6. Today, I come with this art from Rebecca Guay, artist that haves a lot of works, some of them to the Wizards of the Coast, that makes Magic The Gathering cards. This one is from a card called Path to Exile. But that's not what it really matters, what matters is: What story do your imagination think when you see that portrait?
  7. GoddamnHero

    What do you think it's happening?

    Nice story @Typical Blue Haired Dude, I really liked what I read ^^
  8. Typical Blue Haired Dude

    What do you think it's happening?

    Hey, who let the cat out of the bag? Now my ideas are gonna seem like garbage compared to hers! I might take a slightly different approach behind this. Perhaps the furious crowd consists of the elf woman's subjugates and are revolting because of some controversy she may have caused. Perhaps she took in refugees that escaped from an enemy kingdom, suspecting that they were spies taking advantage of her compassionate and somewhat naïve nature. Perhaps there was some slaughter or massacre, either within the kingdom or in the battlefield, due to her misguidance or terrible judgement ca
  9. GoddamnHero

    What do you think it's happening?

    Nice one @ThatLewdCat, I would never be able to think in something like that!
  10. Delete dis

    What do you think it's happening?

    The reason why I joined this club was rather dumb... I kinda realized that at this point, I'm having much more fun coming up with ideas (characters, worlds, scenes, stories, etc) than actually playing them. So... I'm thinking this: This is a Human kingdom who see themselves as "superior" to other races. Superior cities, superior level of life for every citizen, superior technology levels and as a result - superior weaponry and armor. No shorty gnomes, no barbaric orcs, not even the "softie, magic-loving" elves are a match for Humans, with a capital "H". This superiority is at
  11. Hello, fellow members, here is a image that I want to know which story do you think it haves within. This image is used as a meme for many things, but I have a certain love for it, the knight protecting his princess, what do you think it's happening? Why are their throwing rotten tomatoes at them? Why the knight is protecting her? Tell me your thoughts! I'm waiting for your thoughts!
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