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Rules of Conduct - The nudist Beach

OOC/Character Creation

  1. Please submit a character before participating. The reason: Characters are likely to know one another already, so having the bullet-points of information available is very useful. I'm not expecting essays, rest easy. While I won't enforce an approval process, I do reserve the right to retroactively reject a character if they fall too far outside of the intended scope of the game. This probably won't happen, but I do want it on paper.
  2. Characters should be no younger than 16 (First year), preferably 18 (Third year). Teachers can be any age above 23. Exceptions can be made on a case-to-case basis.
  3. All characters have to be human, no catgirls or elves for this one - Maybe another time. 
  4. Character names should be Japanese. Transfer students etc. are of course exempt from this.
  5. All roleplaying should be in third person.
  6. Rules are subject to change at any point if necessitated.



  1. Respect each other's ons/offs, and accept rejection if applicable.
  2. I'm aiming for roughly 70/30 smut to plot, so it will be on the smuttier end - But I encourage everyone to interact with their fellow students without there necessarily being sexual undertones. 
  3. While there won't be an enforced posting order, do try to give your fellow writers at least a chance to reply if you're in a group of several people. 
  4. Posts should be at least one paragraph long, preferably two or more. You can do it!
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