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Lumina City, a large corporate built Mega-city with a population of 2.8 billion people. This neon clad multilayered city is the setting for this roleplay. It is the year 2137 in Lumina City, things seem to be moving along as they always had. The rich get richer at the poor's expense, the poor get poorer, the government officials are corrupt, gangs roam the streets fighting over territory, and the cities privatized police is often cruel and rotten, and the rebel/renegade group called AfterShock tries to cripple the corporate giants and government. Not only that but discrimination is also commonplace in this city. This rp is mainly a dark and gritty sci-fi slice of life with fantasy elements to it. However that doesn't mean there will not be any action at all. For characters with certain affiliations, missions and battles could be available to them, but be careful on these missions or battles there could be a chance that a character could become seriously injured. In this world besides humans there are the usual fantasy species, (like elves, dwarfs, halflings, etc.) but also there can be monsterfolk as well (humanoid versions of slimes, dragons, chimeras, kobolds etc. Or Kitsunes, beastmen, lizsrd men, and other creatures.) However in this world humans are believed to be the most dominant species, amd other species are judged based off of how similar to humans they are. All are invited to come join this rp. And to live life in Lumina city.

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  2. This is going to be a reference guide for slangs and terms common in Lumina city. (Some terms from cyberpunk franchise will carry over.) Common Slangs Tyk/Tyks - a slang that was derived from a shortened form of the name of the official currency name "Tayvik" T / T's - alternate slang for Tayvik. Skizz Brain - slang for someone crazy. Like as if their brain shorted out. Skizz is like a pheonetic term for the sound one's cyberdeck makes when it shorts. Pure Skin - A person with no implants or almost no implants besides the ones installed during childhood such as cyberdecks and data jacks. Exo - A term for the police, typically used in a negative tone. The term was made cause of the Exo-suits the private police wear. Suit - term for a corporate employee. Position doesn't matter as long as they work for a corp they can be called a suit. Corp - short term for corporation. Usually used to refer to the corporate entity as a whole. Scrap Head - Derogatory term for people who have so many implants that they are more machine than human. Joy Toy - a more friendly term for a prostitute. Usually one with performace enhancing implants, but can refer to pure skin prostitutes as well. (Will add more)
  3. If you have suggestions for something to be added you can out it here.
  4. Oh someone joined,I was still in the process of setting it up but thsts fine lol.
  5. If you have any questions ask them here
  6. This is the ooc chat for cyberpunk fantasy rp.
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