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This RPG is set on the continent of Altech, where it seems two MegaCities are under attack from a mystery enemy. The Two MegaCities used to be part of a nation but split into two city states for reasons unknown. MegaCity One is ruled and administered by the Authority, who used to run the Altech's national government before the Outsider War. MegaCity Two is ruled and administered by the Dissidents, who splintered from the national government for unknown reasons. Both sides claim they are defending the people from this mysterious new enemy and are the true successors of the Heroes of the Outsider War, who did defend Altech and the World from the Outsiders long ago. The Outsiders were an unknown alien race intent on making the world submit under its rule by force. All the nations of the World banded together to fight off the threat of the Outsiders and though the World was defended, must was lost.


^ By Kessant on Deviant Art


In this RP, all RPers will be known as Gamers and all Playable Characters are known as Players. In this RP, Gamers are tasked to create Players and play through the story as best they can, trying to piece together what is going on in the Megacities of Altech and the mysteries surrounding the Consortium and the monsters attacking the cities. In this RP, most Players will be human except those with special clearance by me, the Game Master, for special plot reasons. It is standard for ALL Players to start off with the Arm Computer on their person as that is customary for all people on Altech to have such things. In the beginning of this RP, all characters will be bestowed/given the HERO OS as well as one Game of a particular genre of their choosing. Now, in this RP, Games are the things that GIVE you POWER and ABILITIES beyond the norm. Basically, your superhero powers are from video games, whose titles are up to you! The game Genre that you choose in the beginning of the RP will basically be your starting Class and will shape your characters' ability and growth throughout the RP.  In order to increase the power and abilities of your characters, you will need to either defeat the monsters that threaten the populace of the Megacities and/or complete quests for the various factions out there. You can also collect more Games, either from defeating other Players', finding them and so on. The boosts in power and abilities given to you by collecting Games are quite high but so are the risks.

Standard EcchiDreams Roleplay Rules Apply - https://ecchidreams.com/help/guides/roleplay-guides/ecchidreams-standard-roleplaying-rules/1-standard-roleplaying-rules-r59/

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