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In this alternate earth during the early 1700’s the sun suddenly started to release a deadly radiation on the whole planet. To escape it, people moved deep underground and started to build towns. But as people started to give birth, they realized that the sun’s radiation had altered their genetic code, causing them to give birth to mutant children. And out of that rose four classes of humans. One being Esper’s, people that were hyper intelligent, but their bodies were tiny. Another was Brute’s, people with psychical huge bodies and abnormal strength but lower intelligence. Then their was the Normals, people that were not effected by mutation’s and the final class, the Abnormals, people that looked like normal humans, but had a superhuman ability.It was found that it was safe to go back to the surface 100 years later and People went slowly back to their normal lives, though tech advanced much faster, thanks to Esper’s, the world entering a SteamPunk Era. Another 100 years later, In the early 1900’s, a famous inventor Esper named James Waler, stated to explore the old towns and caves below the ground. While he was doing that a massive sinkhole opened, showing a tunnel that lead straight down, deep into planet. James started to explore the tunnel, but found that it was many miles deep and found that climbing down himself would be impossible. So, he built a machine that could climb down the walls for him and reached the bottom in a day’s time. What he saw at the bottom shocked him, as he walked out through a cave that lead from the sinkhole and out into a massive opening. What he saw was a new world, with plants and animal never seen before, that was miles below the earth’s surface. Moving quickly back to the surface, James started to work on a giant machine that could carry him and a team down the sinkhole to the new world and serve as a living, plus research place for them. At the same time he started to look for people that could help him explore.

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Roleplay Club
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