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A man (my character) is reading an old Arabian story, when, all of a sudden... he gets sucked inside the book! He soon finds a genie lamp, and wishes for a harem. But, the wish is nullified. The genie tells of a way to get him his harem, but he must marry the various princesses of the land. In doing so, he could potentially unite the kingdoms, bringing the land under one rule. Plot is work in progress. Any members who join may grab a harem character. Genie character also available (M or F)

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Roleplay Club
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  2. The great Demon ended up copying her seating arrangement! It helped to relax her. He'd calmed down quite a bit! Perhaps he really wasn't so bad. Maybe, just maybe, she wouldn't be eaten today! Unfortunately he knew not where she was. Still, she was thankful regardless. At least he told her the truth! "I see. I wonder what trouble she's getting me into now" she pondered aloud. Her two small tails drifted around, settling within her lap. Of course she was nervous, and when she was nervous she'd often pet her tails! And so she did just that! "E-eek!" Hands clenched tightly against her robes, squeezing them closed while she lowered her head further still! In fact her forehead even managed to smack against the floor on accident! Still, she dare not sit up! "I'm s-sorry sir! Please forgive me for my poor state of dress! I w-was sleeping when she took over, I think! I m-mean these are my night clothes! I apologize if I've offended you! I-is there anything I can do to repay you?" Please don't eat me!
  3. The supposudely would be demon was openely stunned by Rin's respect. Although he rarely interacted with people, when he did their responses varied from outright fear and confusion to ignorant arrogance. This was a breath of fresh air for Mimun. Quite literally too. He felt relief ease off his form and the pressure he had once exerted disappated into the faintest of breezes. Mimun took in a deep, relaxed breath and sighed. Warmed by Rin's demeanor Mimun brought himself to match Rin, taking himself down onto his knees in a similar fashion with hands flatly pressed against the fur that covered them. "I have not sat like this with someone in a very long time, you have my thanks," he said with a small bow of his head. As Mimun brought his head back up he was greeted with the lovely surprise of Rin's chest! Too cute! "But unfortunately I am not sure where "it" is that you are, assuming that you're asking for a name? I'm not very good with names of places, they change so much, ya know?" Mimun, despite his ever reddening face, was doing his best to be polite and act like he didn't just see tha-Again?! "For crying out loud lady! Do you need some clothes or what?!" Mimun quickly averted his eyes, looking up and away into a corner. "I will seriously make you some new damn clothes, free of charge! Do you. Need. New clothes." Mimun asked awkwardly as his hand tapped his knee over-an-over.
  4. Her little heart drummed rapidly within her chest. It was a massive Demon! But then he did end up answering one of her questions. He even said that he was here to help not only her but also the one called Ren! She honestly didn't know what to think about that. Ren was not a nice person. Nor could she really honestly be trusted. But maybe the Demon was just nice to everyone? When the creature closed in towards her Rin let loose a hushed yip of surprise, hands clasping together against her chest! She forgot to breathe, remaining absolutely still. Thankfully he reminded her of the fact. After drawing in a few quick breaths she started to relax just a little bit, prompting her trembling form to nearly still! However it still shook just a slight bit. After all Mimun was scary and she knew not where she was. "I'm R-rin" she squeaked out, however she also tried her best to sit up on her knees like a proper princess. Amber eyes drifted upwards, looking over the mighty Lucky's form. He was massive! And also very muscular! Clearly he was very powerful. After a few moments of looking on in awe she finally remembered her place, lowering her body forward in a slight bow. "It is nice to meet you. M-may I please know where I am? I can't remember how I got here. I think Ren took me again." Right. Her robes! They were hanging a little loosely, even offering glimpses to her mostly flat chest! She really only had faint lumps of fat where something was at least starting to develop, and while she did also clearly have nipples they were a light enough shade of pink that they nearly blended into the rest of her pale body. After a brief moment her hands quickly shot up to adjust her clothes, tightening her sash before they returned to her lap!
  5. This was becoming somewhat uncharted territory for the Jinn. His experience with sealed entities and sealed magic, while deep and extensive, had essentially developed within a temporal vacuum, lost to time. He was able to do his best to deduce the exact nature of the seal but he couldn't be too sure without actually testing his hypotheses. What he did know was that sealed away entities, if they were still conscious when switching between forms, were still conscious just not in direct control. If this was still the case, Mimun would have to be careful about what he said or asked. "I am Mimun, but you can call me Lucky," the horned giant cooed. "I'm a helper of sorts and I'm here to help you and the person in that body out." Although Mimun had agreed to meeting with Rin he had no intention of taking advantage of her. She was not vile nor did she, as for as Mimun could tell so far, deny anyone their autonomy so there was no reason to do the same to her. Mimun was capricious, yes, but he had an ethical compass he rarely deviated from. Instead, he would do his best to garner information from this other person that he may not have recieved so openly from the nine-tailed fox. Something about her seemed slimy. . .but then again she had plenty in common with Mimun. Maybe that was the issue? Mimun would have to do some soul searching on that subject another time though, he needed to focus. Mimun crouched down but did not dare approach the shrinking girl. The difference between his demeanor towards her was distinct compared to his towards Ren. Unlike before his features were gentle now with a browe raised in concern. This poor thing was simply ignorant and confused so Mimun had nothing but pity and curiosity for her. "Exciting yourself won't make this any easier so take a moment to breath."
  6. A sharp toothed grin stretched across the fox's face. Did she hate Rin? No. Rin was just a naive, scared little girl. But Ren had no love for her either. Not since she'd forsaken her power. She certainly held no love for the girl's father. This really was his fault. Ultimately that had sealed Rin's fate in her eyes. And so giving Rin over to a Djinn in order to appease it drew no hesitation on Ren's end. She felt more in common with Mimun than she did with Rin. After all, surely the Djinn shared no love with his vessel. Why should she? And it wasn't as though she couldn't regain control, especially if others took advantage of the poor girl. It would easily weaken her mind enough for the nine-tails to take over. Pushing herself from her seat, Ren took a few steps over towards the door leading to the chamber. It was carefully shut so as not to make any noise. One hand dragged across the surface, leaving behind a set of runes. A simple sealing spell laid atop a sound dampening spell. "I'm sure you could break this yourself. I shall see you later Mimun. It was a pleasure meeting you. Now enjoy to your heart's content." The nine fluffy tails coiled around her form, growing larger and larger until they covered her like a cocoon! Suddenly they turned into thin silken bands, drifting towards the floor to reveal a slightly similar figure! This one was shorter, topping out at around four and a half feet if one included her snowy fox ears. In fact her hair was still white and her eyes nearly the same, although they were closer to an amber gold. Missing were the fancy clothes, the red around her eyes, the marking atop her forehead, even most of her tails! She in fact only had two. A thin white yukata was worn beneath a heavier red set of robes. For the moment she lay on the floor, curled up. Eyes fluttered as she awoke from her daze, slowly sitting up. The heavy fabrics slid down on one side, revealing a pale dainty shoulder. However once she noticed the mighty Djinn the fox girl's eyes widened, one hand fixing her clothes while she scooted swiftly back against a corner, trembling in fear! "W-where am I? Who are you?"
  7. "Ara ara, sealing systems sure have changed over the years. . ." Mimun muttered as he nodded to himself. The eyes of the Jinn was more than familiar with sealing magic, considering he had spent the better part of a few thousand years picking and poking at one of the most advanced seals ever created. But for him, from when he was from, sealing magic locked an entity away entirely within its vessel. If it ever did break out, it never took on it's own fully unique form, unlike Ren. But Ren's offer abruptly pulled Mimun from his pondering. "Eh?! Have my w-..my way?!" Mimun recoiled at such a dastardly offer, although his face was much more red than it was before. While any Jinn would have their curiosity peaked they simply could not subvert another's physical autonomy, at least not directly or without very good reason. However. . .Mimun being stopped in his tracks like that did give him the needed time to reconsider some things. Mimun spoke firmly and with a sheepish grin. "Absolutely." Though his face was still red.
  8. Soft. Hot. A pleasant sensation. Of course she knew that he probably wouldn't feel her body as she did his. This was an illusion cast from his side. But it was the gesture that really counted. She really did share sympathy with the Djinn. Their situations were not terribly different. Her hand retreated when the Djinn started to more closely inspect her form. In fact it returned to brushing over her tail. She did enjoy the compliments at least, smiling as the mighty being lingered over her. He also had some fair ideas as well. "If I am freed then this will be my primary form, just as it is now. Let's just say that her form is less appealing to most. Not ugly, simply less developed. I would not mind if she held her own vessel. A golem, as you stated. It is a very good idea." Perhaps she could mess with the little twerp. An idea came to mind which might have even appeased to the Djinn! "I suppose I could temporarily return control to her. You could see for yourself what she is like. Perhaps you might even fancy her enough to keep her for yourself once she is separated? I'll even admit that she is a little cute. While she is out you could even have your own fun with her. Although I suppose it would be less diminished in this current instance."
  9. For Ren her caress felt as it should; surprisingly soft skin that was almost hot to the touch. But for Mimun he felt next to nothing. For him, projecting his consciousness was similar to a human monks astral protection, in that it was akin to being in a dream. In Mimun's eyes the world he was experiencing felt like it was under water. Murky, cold and heavy. It was only natural that a part of Mimun wished he could have felt Ren's touch but, he remained still. "Hm. . .that explains a lot." Mimun brought a finger from his raised hand to his now pursed lips. "You sure you'd want to get rid of such a nice vessel?" He had stepped to the side of Ren and was bent almost completely over to the other side, giving himself an unorthodox angle. "Why not just get rid of the other one in there? If you're feeling bad about that you just make a golem to move her soul into." At this point Mimun was moving from one side to another of Ren, one moment crouched as low to the ground as his knees would allow him to look up at Ren and the next he was practically on top of her giving himself a close up. "Hell, it could even look the same. No one would be the wiser save you and I," he added with a wink.
  10. Did he just refer to me as an ant? Djinn were powerful creatures. Of that there was no doubt. But she was quite confident in her own abilities as well! And yet he dare compare her to such a pitiful creature? Still, she wouldn't allow it to fluster her. No matter. If he was going to underestimate her then so be it. Petty squabbles would not achieve the goal she'd set out for. "I do not think that I have made my own intentions clear. That is my fault." A hand finally removed itself from her tail, reaching out to softly drag tiny claws against the Djinn's cheek. A caress, really. "While you might be confined to a lamp, I too am confined to a vessel. A creature. My other half. It is timid and weak and desires not the power I offer it. Instead it seeks to imprison me. Being confined within it limits my abilities. Just as you desire freedom from your vessel I too desire it from my own. I have the power required to rule over my kingdom, perhaps even the entire world itself. But I need to be free from my prison. If you assist me with that then I shall do the same for you."
  11. "Heh." Mimun's face crinkled up into a crooked grin, a confused mixture of pleased and bothered. "I am known as Mimun. . .That means 'Lucky'," he added, as though assuming the fox had little knowledge of Jinn's. At first it pleased Mimun to no end the respect Ren had suddenly shown Mimun and, for a moment, he thought he had encountered a material being of some sensibility for once but his mood was quick to sour as her words became back handed to his ears. What was a sincere apology divulged into what Mimun took as a lecture and he was quick to notice. What was most notorious to Mimun was how Ren had grouped the two together, as though they were on the same level. That bothered Mimun to his core. But before he let that get the better of him, ever aware of his nature, Mimun let out a heavy sigh and leaned back into himself. "You speak like someone with knowledge, if so then you ought to know that the scurrying of ants is meaningless to the Jinn," Mimun's eyes stayed locked with Ren's as he made his view of the the two clear to the witch. Mimun never cared much for using that sort of diction but he intended to make their positions clear to the fox. And, if this fox did know about Jinn's, why was she so willing to make a deal with something she knew would likely have fine prints, loop holes and spontaneous caveats? Mimun began to suspect ultier motives, otherwise this fox was a fool. "So I assure you that what you seek is well within my power. I can grant you your armies, political favor, investors, capital, even weather and land will bend to your favor and much more. All you need is to agree to work for me until my freedom has been physically achieved, however!" A club of of a hand shot up from his barrel chest. "I cannot speak on behalf of my future self so I would never be so bold as to keep you to a different expectation. I don't care what you do or about "campaigns" after our arrangement is complete. I simply. Want. My. Freedom."
  12. Yep! Once Ren loses control. Or if she gets locked away again. Or I suppose if she needs to rest and lets Rin take over for a time.
  13. Will we see Rin someday?
  14. And then Ren is in the middle ready to antagonize or assist Eddie, whichever she sees as more useful to herself. And poor Rin is just in there trying to be free.
  15. This one certainly did have a fiery temper! It did at least match his appearance. And while Ren too could be scary she also understood the power behind being calm and patient. If anything it made one even more frightening in these sorts of situations, especially when faced against such a formidable foe! But she wasn't here to for a contest of might. She also understood why the Djinn had the reaction that he did. Red eyes slowly lowered towards the fluffy tail in her lap. While she continued to pet it her other tails lifted just a bit behind her, gently floating about through the air as though they were being carried by a current. "Forgive me. I did not mean any insult when I stated that it might have been a mistake on your end. Although there is no shame in admitting as such, even for people as strong as us" she stated softly. It was a little surprising to her that this creature had her specifically in mind for some task or another. And the pressure he gave off was certainly impressive, even to her. But it was not something she was unused to, nor did it have much affect on her. When the great being lowered himself to her level she finally allowed her eyes to drift upwards again, meeting his. He desired leaving his lamp. It wasn't surprising really. A Djinn loose in the world was an incredible issue to deal with, provided of course one needed to do so. But a Djinn always kept their word as well, as did she when she made a proper oath. "If you were here in person then I would perform a sacred rite of oath-keeping. But I don't think that it will be required. As I understand it your people keep your word. I do the same when I make a pact. While you would undoubtedly be a risk if you were to achieve freedom, I believe that we could both live alongside one another regardless. I do not desire much. As you may already understand my position in this world is somewhat untenable. At least without some changes. I hope to change that. I also hope to claim my rightful place within my kingdom as its ruler and, perhaps, to expand it further. But I would certainly be willing to share the world. In the future perhaps I might be able to free you and assist you with your own campaigns. As I stated before, I don't see why we cannot both profit from this venture." She was a little curious as to just how far the Djinn's illusion could go. But there was another thing which sprung to mind. "In the future I would be up to speaking with you again. Perhaps we could even get to know one another. On that note, I don't think I actually introduced myself. I am Ren" she stated, lowering her head out of respect.
  16. start spreading the word, peeps!
  17. Cliché doesnt always have to equal bad Imo, in fact I think cliché can be fun if done right. By having actual like, characters with wants and ambitions, gives the cliché the depth it usually lacks, so cliché is totally fine by me especially with how we're going about this. As for more people? I think as long as we keep having fun with this rp others will eventually see that fun and want in on it so if we want more people we should just focus on having fun with this [x
  18. instead of rping multiple ocs
  19. I honestly hope we can get more people to join, if we start building aliances...
  20. I think it could be fun too. I almost thought of it as like... his plans fail, but other see potential. Eddie builds up his harem more, and gets challenged by these evil forces. The harem doesnt just mean wives to love...it turns into an army between good an evil! ... But, maybe thats cliche. But, I like where this is going anyway.
  21. Of course mew can build off of my idea! Mimun is your character after all, and honestly, I do have a possible purrson willing to assist him too! Though if mew wants to keep that under wraps for surprises in Le future fur out other mateys here, we can discuss it in the pms.
  22. ¡Bump! ^ @MultiversalCan I build off of this??? tbh I love how Mimun is being labeled an antagonist even though he just wants to escape and live a free life. And Eddie is totally in the right by taking up arms against Mimun for him going about freeing himself in such a lousy way. granted Mimun didnt have much of a choice but I think that this misunderstanding of his intentions by others coupled with Multiversal's idea could make for some more juicy rp moments, what with having opposing sides and actual reasons for that and whatnot
  23. "fine" she says getting out of the bath
  24. He looks back at her. "Is that a yes...? I mean...if you don't mind me saying, you are an attractive woman."
  25. "I dont suppose you want to try that? The bedding thing? I mean...Im practically naked, and you...are completely naked?"
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