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The overview universe.

The stories will take place in an overarching realm with 9 major plains of existance.

The first plain is the Nexus, the massive area where all reality converges, it powers and pushes the flow of time and space.

Below the nexus is the plain of mortals, the Nexus resides over the threads of this world and protects all the souls that raise up from the mainline world thread, the thread that the world resides on directly or the reality we live in. The other threads are the millions of possibilities, the further from the main thread, the further the realities are from our own.

Below the threads of our realities is the realities we have created, the trickled down ideas and worlds that have been built by the imagined system of each individual mind and have grown in size by it's influence on more people. 

Above the Nexus we have the 6 remaining plains of existence, large expanses that go on for eternity as time moves but every moment in these realities feel vivid as a single instance. It is here where most of the stories will reside.

The void is the expanse between expanses, it is the section that holds all realities together. It is seemingly empty and everlasting as lost souls sputter and fly about, some open up into instances lost and others directly into where you wanted to go.

Heaven and Hell are respectively the places where angels and demons reside as well as the Lord God and the Devil himself, but one can rarely obtain a glance at either.

The realm of man was formed by the lost souls who were not devoured nor did they find God in the timelines that were forsaken by the Nexus to keep the flow of souls from becoming overwhelming. These souls have no afterlife unless their soul is allowed to be reborn or brought back into their flesh. Some humans have changed to adapt and have taken odd forms they remember. Some didn't even return to human form. They became animals or mythic creatures such as elves or bigfoot.

The Animal plain is where the souls of animals have done exactly the same as the Human plain. Except those who were pets often took the shapes of their long lost masters. Some were warped by nature or saw things and became different but all retain an animal trait and same as humans, many have reproduced.

Iron Star is the realm of robotic souls. This is where the far different realities have made machines with actual souls. The machines were more defined and in turn retained form for the most part. They built massive societies and built new machines with their own souls.


Those in the realms surrounding the upper plains with the Nexus are able to move between each world as massive gates exist to transport between. If one finds a way to use the Void, they may even be able to walk between worlds on their own. And the everlivingwar between the angels and demons is ongoing and prevalent in each realm.

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