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Story: Windsong

The first major story I want to introduce to the world is Windsong.

In a section of the animal realm, an empire is brewing in hope to conquer the entire realm for as far as they can reach. This empire was founded by a White wolf who made pacts with angels and demons. He took 4 wives who would bring him 31 children. The final child was an unholy union between beast and demon and had the potential to topple the hierarchy of all demon kind, even to usurp the current incarnation of evil. The Emperor knew that this would make him a target of all realms, so he took the demon woman and sealed her away in a mirror and sent his bastard abomination away, far away, until the time was right to give this child an empire to topple the Nexus and the other realms.

19 years would pass and the emperor was struggling. His eldest son would murder the Emperor and take the empire. He sent for his youngest brother so he may use the half demon to conquer the realm. 

In the small town the bastard enjoyed peace with his adopted brother Arnor, being only a year apart, the boys did all they could to live happily and keep their town well. But the empire would attack the town, destroying it, and take Cadus back to the Empire where he would be used as a slave soldier. Arnor would travel across the world to save Cadus.


And so the story begins.

Tell me what y'all think

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