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I bet you all might be wondering: "Cat, why is your Profile pic different?" It's because during the time the site was down I learned how to use Gimpshop! It'a a free photo software. I figured I wanted a mixture of Cat, "20% cooler," and "Deal with it." I met all 3 requirements, pulling way ahead of my old bland profile pic, and showing off a way of which I could make straight line art. (This was not out of laziness, I actually had the product in mind for having straight lines.) Just a fun little story I figured was worth sharing to those curious!

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      A little before and after comparison of some work I did in Photoshop. More like before and during really, because it needs more work...

      Female, Before:

      Male/Trap, After/In progress:

      What do you guys think so far?
    • SMFoxy
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      ...so I messed with it a little.

      It needs more work, because it's not perfect; this is more of an 'in progress' than 'after', but for two or three minutes in Photoshop, I'm fairly proud of it. I figured I'd share it here, because after turning her male, he's definitely trap material in my opinion...
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