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Yuuto Hiroshige

My Martial Arts Training

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Yuuto Hiroshige

Martial Arts is a big factor that impacted my life, helped me keep in physical shape, and in some aspects; taught me to be patient and keep a calm state of mind...

But oh boy let me tell you, the journey was not an easy one, nor was it a pleasant one either hahaha! Since I was three, me and my master met by my grandfather inviting him to the house for a reunion. I vaguely remember the tv playing "Dragon Ball" at the time, and I would love to imitate Goku during his fights with either Tien or Krillin. My grandfather went to suggest my master to teach me martial arts, and like a thoughtless little kid; I too agreed to the idea after they ask me "You want to be like Goku?" saids my master.

Since then...I remember starting by just running, front rolls and cartwheels at 3. Gradually it started to get more physical as time went by. I would go to his house after school to train, and I thought it was a fun activity...oh boy was i wrong lol! By the time I was 6, my master made me stretch my body so much, I'd eventually but painfully attempted doing the splits. To this day, my hip joints would hurt from doing them...

After some more basic training, he would finally teach me fighting styles and weapons. Now this was during Japan, so I thought it would be Karate like my friends from Elementary school; nope! My master was from Hong Kong, so he only taught me Kung Fu. Praying Mantis, Choy Lei Fut (look it up), Wing Chun, Hung Ga, Drunken Fist and Tai Chi. If I ever messed up on a certain movement, he would whack my behind with bamboo stick. 

Weapons...there were too many to name, but I had practiced with all of them in Chinese Kung Fu. I am surprised i haven't died from cutting my own head...To this day I still practice martial arts to keep in shape, but it became a bit harder to prevent people from recording me during training, so I had to find some secluded area within the city hahaa...

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