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Gender: Male

Native World: Modern

Species: Human

Age: 21

Height: 5 foot 11

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Short Bio: Ever since puberty he has been an accident prone person. In highschool when he would trip and fall he would end up in sexually suggestive positions with his female classmates. This would either get him suspended or expelled. Which made graduating difficult. As he grew up, he ended up getting his GED but it made employment that much more difficult for him. Of course when he would get a job life just seemed to have it out for him. For the sexual suggestive positions of his teen years have blossomed into out right sex with his female co-workers. Of course this has ended up much the same as before. The sex generally ends with both parties satisfied but also termination by his boss and sending him back to the unemployment line.

Sexual Orientation: He doesn't really know. As he has never had to look for sex. It happens to him and he enjoys it but he hasn't ever had to think about it.

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