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Sonja Petronov


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Name: Sonja Petronov

Gender (this can include futas or gender bent characters): Female

Native World: Earth

Species (mostly relevant to the fantasy/sci-fi worlds, ideally most will be human): Human

Unique Physical Traits (for non-humans): 

Age: 22

Height: 6.0" ft

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Blue

Short Bio: Born to a Russian Father and a Hungarian mother, Sonja llived in Budapest care free. It wasn't until someone burned her parents home to the ground killing them leaving the poor young girl homeless. Raised by her  grandfather a veteran of the soviet afghan war, she grew up with the personality ofa child, becoming a mercenary she was the medic of whatever group would hire her. despite her childlike demeanor she holds a darker side to her as well

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

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