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The New Girl


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The sun was high up in the sky, the temperature finally started to rise as Spring approached. It took time, but she was finally on her own. Sitting in her car, she reflected on all that had happened in the past few months. Once she graduated from Uni, she had to make a choice. Stay in her small Midwest town and get some dead end job, never daring to take a leap and follow her dreams or give up everything she knew, which wasn’t much as she lead a sheltered life, and move to the big city and take a chance. 
She would be lying if she said she hadn’t been sick to her stomach for weeks before the move was complete. Even though she didn’t have much and her town didn’t offer much, she was afraid of leaving it all behind. She was comfortable there, everyone she knew lived there. However, she worked too hard at the university to give it all up because she was “too scared”. 
Once she made her mind up, nothing could change it. She found an apartment she could afford and immediately put an application in. It only took a few days for the approval to come back and she was on the road. Her excitement built as The horizon started to grow with tall buildings. No more corn fields for her, she would now be in the middle of the big city where anything could happen. 
Hesitantly, she stepped out of her car, her hands a bit shaky. She felt so small with all the talL buildings around her. Clutching her keys she started up to the building, repeating her apartment number over and over in her head. All she could hear was the sound of her Converse soles hitting the cement as she walked. Everyone passing her by could tell she was from out of town. She admired the women walking past her looking glamorous, dressed up in name brand clothing, expensive accessories, all were oozing confidence. One day that would be her. She felt self conscious in her plain clothing. 
Walking into the building she head up multiple floors until she stood in front of her apartment. This was the beginning, the beginning of a new chapter. Taking a deep breath, she turned her key in the door and took a step inside. Boxes littered the apartment. Everything she owned sat in front of her. It was going to be a long night...

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