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Oogalloo Oogalla


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Character Identity Information

NOTE: I will add a reference image once I find one that's vaguely close.

Name: Oogalloo Oogalla
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Disk Tentacle Monster
Origin/Nationality: Tentaculus II
Occupation: Plasma Oven Seller and Repairman... er, Repair-Tentacle.

Physical Appearance

Height: Oogalloo is better measured in terms of width, in his case a respectable 6'10" in diameter. He is around 8 inches thick at the middle, tapering off towards the edges.
Weight: 497 and 1/2 pounds. He checks every morning to make sure he doesn't break 500.
Eye Color: Four eyestalks protrude from his front edge, a small, hummingbird-egg blue eye at the tip of each.
Hair Color: None. It's said that a select few Disk Tentacle Monsters are able to grow a fine coat of fur on their central mass, but Oogalloo is not among their number.
Number of Tentacles: 10; 6 primary and 4 auxiliary (see below for details).
Physical Description: Oogalloo, like all Disk Tentacle Monsters, resembles a cross between a bean bag chair and a particularly large slug. As the name suggests, his main body is a domed disk about 8 inches thick in the center. 6 "primary" tentacles form a ring around the center, each one smooth and with a phallic tip. 4 "auxiliary" tentacles form a line behind his eyestalks; these are rougher in texture and feature deft manipulators at the ends for eating and precision manipulation.

Personality, Traits and Abilities

General Overview: Naturally, the foremost desire on Oogalloo's ring-shaped mind is engaging in intercourse with as many aliens as he possibly can. When he isn't pseudopod-deep in someone, he enjoys his job of selling and repairing high-end plasma ovens. How else are his clients supposed to cook their food, by using fire or something? Don't be absurd. Oogalloo also has a natural gift for playing the banjo.
Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Oogalloo is capable of slithering along at a blistering two miles per hour, as well as clinging to nearly any wall or ceiling that isn't coated in Teflon. He also possesses an expert-level understanding of kitchen appliances and Earth bluegrass music.
Weaknesses: He is, sadly, hopeless with operating any electronic devices more complicated than a toaster, with the exception of the equipment he uses for repairing ovens. Tickling the base of his tentacles is a great way to put him to sleep.
Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): Despite having had partners from a wide variety of species, he has yet to find that special someone. He wouldn't mind picking up a good recipe for potpourri along the way, either.
Hobbies and Interests: Oogalloo enjoys playing his banjo in his spare time. Additionally, he runs a blog cataloging the cutest animals on every planet.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual with a slight lean towards female partners.
Turn ons: Fluids of any kind; affirmations that he's doing a good job (poor guy's a little insecure).
Turn offs: Vacuum cleaners. Don't ask.

Extra Information

Bio/Backstory: Oogalloo first slithered his way onto the plasma oven repair scene some eight years ago. Since then, he has become a bit of a minor celebrity on his home world of Tentaculus II (tentacle monsters take their food very seriously indeed). He began to grow dissatisfied with his life, however, and took a long vacation to go visit several worlds (and their inhabitants). When he got back, Glob was telling everyone who would listen about his experience on Earth. Oogalloo decided to pay Earth a visit; even if the people weren't as good as Glob had said, surely they could always use more plasma ovens, right? Now on Earth, Oogalloo is looking for that special someone that will make his pseudopods tingle like nobody else.

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Fixed minor logical contradictions.
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