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The Hot Cocoa hot springs


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Located on the path between Honeydew Hotel and Sweet Treat Beach, The Hot Cocoa hot springs and bath house is the premier location for guests of the island to get a nice, relaxing (or romantic and exciting, as they may prefer) soak in warm, mineralized water of the highest quality—sourced from the natural hot springs of the island itself.

The large facility is divided into two general sections, the springs and the baths.

- The springs offer the classic japanese onsen experience with open-air bathing in one of three areas: the Male Springs for masculine-identifying guests who do wish to only bathe in the company of other masculine-identifying staff and guests, Female Springs for feminine-identifying guests who only wish to bathe in the company of other feminine-identifying staff and guests, and the Mixed Bathing Area open to any guests of any sexual identification who do not mind bathing with a mixed crowd.

- The baths section offer private spa-esque indoor bathing for customers who may want to relax (by themselves, as a couple, or as a group of up to six) away from prying eyes or who may want to take advantage of the specialized water-treatment options offered by the private baths.

While the whole of the facility draws its water from the same underground, geothermally heated source, the water receives mineral treatment as well as an infusion of Slime Essence before being directed into the spring or bath sections. This ensures that by default the water rejuvenates skin by the highest standards while occupants soak, and also allows the water to serve as proper lubricant should any occupants wish to engage in sexual activity during their stay.

Hot Cocoa's waters are of course consistently cycled out for cleaning and re-treatment so that every guest gets to enjoy a maximally fresh and rejuvenating experience—regardless of when they bathe or with how many other occupants present.

While this is the default setting for the entire facility's water (and the one available in the public springs), the private baths have several specialized treatment services allowing the consumers to customize everything from the aroma and flavour of the liquid they bathe in, to its viscosity (allowing anything from regular water to oil to 'cumbath' settings), to oxygenation (permitting indefinite submerging) to infusing any of the island's specialized aphrodisiac tonics into the baths for increased stimulation.

With special request, the baths can even be infused with extra Slime Essence to turn them into liquid fuck machines that will pleasure the orifices and erogenous zones of any occupants (though guests should be warned: repeated application of Slime Essence may cause the bathing liquid to manifest tendrils that will reach out and grab any nearby guest and pull them into the bath to subject them to relentless physical stimulation. Bathing attendant staff should be immediately flagged if this occurs without the occupant's desire).

While the facility is open at all hours, they tend to see the most activity at night when beach activity becomes more limited and the waters more chilly.

The Hot Cocoa springs and bathhouse is managed entirely by the local blue slime entity, Glaze: an older cousin of Sweet Treat Beach's famed party girl Jelly. While Glaze is effectively never seen as one collected body—habitually split between anything from half a dozen to several dozen different forms in order to tend to the entire facility at once—the 'face' of the entity greets every guest to Hot Cocoa through 'her' hostess form at the welcome desk (pictured below).



In spite of this form generally being treated as the representative of the entire entity, the different bodies of glaze manifest different physical and gender expressions depending on who they are attending to and where in the facility they find themselves. 

Glaze is naturally the source of the Slime Essence with which the waters of the facility are treated.

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