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Floof's adventures (+chickens)


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I'd like to talk about how i got my new pet chickens. Recently i've lost  3 of my chickens, sadly enough. I only had 2 left. I was thinking about getting new chickens once spring started. 

One day, i went to the vet with my dog (nothing too bad, he's just getting a bit old and he needs some painkillers every now and then). I talked to the vet about how i lost my chickens and i was looking for new ones. The vet offered to give me chickens. He too has a lot of chickens, but they're very feral meaning they sleep in trees, they run away, etc. Of course i accepted the offer. I mean.. free chickens! A few days later, the vet was suddenly standing at the door. He had a box in which i assumed the chickens were and a bag of food. I let him go to the garden and he opened the box, letting two chickens out. I was very happy of course. Suddenly he opened the bag and two other chickens were in there as well. I now have 6 chickens and i'm happy. 

Me, being a good chicken dad, of course wanted to make friends with my chickens. It would be great if they're not that wild. My two older chickens come up to me and even eat out of my hand while the other ones are just like 'wtf is going on' and they run everywhere. I decided to start with some soft corn, the type you get out of cans. They really love that. So i threw some corn at them, but they just stood still and stared at me. However, one of them decided to become brave and she started eating a bit of the corn. I tried it again a few times and slowly they all started eating some corn. I was happy!

The wings of my chickens are cut, but they can still jump rather high actually. One of them got spooked and literally yeeted herself over the fence so she was out in the garden. Let me tell you this.. that chicken was super fast. I eventually caught it though! She has beautiful feathers.. They're completely black but they have this kind of green shine. So anyway, she got back with the others.

I kid you not this happened twice. These chickens are so jumpy. But i'm glad they're becoming a bit calmer. They really love taking a dust bath. They'll all do it together and it'll just be little piles of chicken spread out in the dust, it's adorable. My pets mean a lot to me. Even if they're just chickens, they mean a lot to me. Please don't make fun of my feathered babies :c


 Thank you for reading about my chickens ♥


Also have a bonus picture of Floof, one of my (obviously) tamed chickens, sitting on my lap.


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