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List of things you won't play


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I know account profiles/preference sheets cover this technically, but I thought it might be nice to put a topic for it here, especially for people playing the girls.  Again, this is a place where almost nothing is forbidden and the girls are supposed to be equally open-minded, with only a few, mostly extreme, activities that they are officially allowed to completely refuse (breeding, animals, water sports/scat, and more extreme cases involving BDSM/pain are probably it, though there might be some other things that they can get away with refusing some of the time as long they do go through with it at least sometimes).

As a player you of course won't be forced to play anything you don't want to.  In those cases we can either just work it out that the customers never ask for that particular activity/activities with your character(s), or it happens in story, but we skip over it.

This is the very short of things I figure either can't or very rarely happen here:

MxM:  If there was more than one male customer hiring one or more girls at the same time, it could potentially happen.  But there are no male employees (well security, but no male prostitutes), with the few futas being the closest thing a customer could find if they wanted cock.

Incest: Mentioned this elsewhere, it would not be completely impossible but extremely unlikely.  Would require a relative of one of the employees to find out she worked there and then go there and choose her.  Or possibly a pair of employees who were either sisters or mother/daughter, would be slightly more likely (especially if there daughter was born here and now old enough to start working).  This is one more thing the girls could probably officially refuse if it came up.

Snuff: This would naturally be one fetish the management would absolutely refuse to allow, even if the girl was in a state of mind to agree to it.  It is quite possibly the only fetish absolutely forbidden, along with anything intended to cause injury bad enough to require a doctor.


So that's why I'm making this topic, feel free to add anything you have no desire to play.  As for me, with the setting mostly ruling out MxM, there is almost nothing I would not at least consider.  The one other thing I might not do that I can think of immediately is MxFuta, though that might be closer to a 90% refusal rather 100%, but not sure yet.

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