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Sitting on a Pile of (Mostly) Dead CCGs


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There have been some occasional wall posts about CCGs and related stuff (just Yu-Gi-Oh it looked like from my skimming over them, though that is not one I ever played or had much interest in).  It got me thinking of my pile of numerous CCGs with little chance of ever being played again (other than at least two that have official solitaire rules) due to my recently explained social issues outside of the internet and inspired me to ramble about them a little.

Magic: Yeah, I started early, though not quite early enough to have had a chance at the cards worth a genuine fortune now.  Started just before 4th edition’s release.  Actually on my second collection now, my brother eventually pressured me to give him the first after we stopped playing together.  I’ve regained the old collection outside of two or three cards and expanded on it with both stuff from back when I started and newer stuff (though outside of a few singles even my newest stuff is likely around at least 5 years old now).  This of course is one of the very few not dead CCGs in the collection.

Star Wars:  The original Decipher Star Wars game.  I am sure me and brother never played it right, due to me having trouble with the rules at the time, but we came up something that resembled a game and was entertaining enough, expanded on the collection significantly since then.

Middle-Earth:  Older of two Lord of the Rings games here, the only one on the list I have a 100% complete collection (game play but not pure collection wise, due to multiple editions) and one of the few with solitaire rules, that I really should get around to trying.

Lord of the Rings: The second one, one I did not enjoy nearly as much as the earlier one but it wasn’t really bad.

Babylon 5: Perhaps my second favorite after Middle-Earth and very close to a complete collection.  Based on an obscurish 90s live action sci-fi TV show.  Though it suffers in that you need at least three players for it to shine (two is possible, but it was really intended for a larger group).

Dune: Never played but collected it due to being a fan of the source material.  Feel it has potential, but like Babylon 5, probably should have more than two players.

Ani-Mayhem: The original anime crossover CCG.  Though other than DBZ, I suspect the series’ included have become obscure after this long to newer fans (and a few of them were obscure even back then).  Another I never played, but has solitaire rules I should really get around to giving a chance.

These are the key pieces and what I have the most of, but have a smaller collection of a number of other games.  I don’t know what, if anything, will come out of writing this, but I felt inspired to write it.

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