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A few ideas


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Hello, delicious friends!

So...I think I'll just throw some ideas in, that have been flying around my mind.
In general, I'm pretty flexible, open to most kinks and pairings and fine with playing a variety of characters. For more information, please have a look at my preference-sheet first.

A few technicalities: I generally tend to write 2-4 chunky paragraphs, so you should match that ballpark 🙂 Decent spelling, grammar and punctuation is also nice, though I'm no grammar-nazi by any means.
If you want to make me a really happy rabbit: Give me a compelling story AND gratuitous, kinky sex-scenes! 😄

So, here some ideas:

  • Something fluffy: Just something light, lewd and comedic. Campy, cliché-ridden highschool-romance or something like a sexy sitcom. (Plus Points for happy, fluffy BDSM :D) )
  • Something dark: Troubled teenagers, sex, drugs, crime and abusive relationships, topped off with a rather un-happy end. Not everybodies cup of tea, but I like myself some misery and despair now and then
  • Something adventure-y: Something lost-world-like maybe? Or a sort of dimension-hopping story á la Stargate?
  • Something space-y: Especially something Military-SF. (Big Plus Points for giant mechs and weird aliens :D)
  • Something squicky: Tentacles, Hive Minds, spiders, giant insects...Gimme those horny, slimy creatures!

If any of that caught your fancy, let's work something out!

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