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Flame-clad Nights (JennyDK & RNoodles)


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Traveling over broad fields of green and into the crags and valleys of a great mountain has brought the great knight to her destination. It's a stormy day, rain falls in sheets as lightning flashes over broken stone. Under guidance to follow "smoke without flame", she has followed a trail of smoke still visible through the heavy rain. Another flash of lightning gleams off her armor as wind tears at her, clawing fruitlessly as she ventures forward. 

Gray and black stone set the heavy landscape. What little trees and grasses that grow in this inhospitable environment are tormented by the shearing wind. The winding, thin trails of the mountain lead to a great, steep rock wall below. Massive claw marks ascend the wall leading to the black maw of a cavern yawning over the valley. Black scorches pattern the entrance of the cave and chunks have been broken from the rock in feats of great strength. Just before the entrance lay what seem to be gray-red sheds of scales, sheets of them much larger than her. With a clash of thunder she swears she can hear the rumble of a fabled beast deep inside, the sound quaking small stones at her feet.

The path she stands on winds around the mountainside and trickles into the broad cavern entrance. She can also spot a smaller, claustrophobic crack in the rocks one could slip through to make their entrance less announced, though the position of it being in the ground leading straight down makes it a questionable route. A harder gust of wind knocks her to the rock wall, showering her with a fresh sheet of mountain rain.

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