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Learning how to move on

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Where to begin .... Well I'll first say that I'm almost 6 years older than the person irl I have a crush on and I'm going on 26 this year so this was about 8 years ago I was practicing sign spinning when I first met her (and yes even though I'm going to say I would love be to date someone younger than me that's not the point) I immediately fell for her and even though with Asperger's I tried to convey my feelings as best I could at the time but I was still so naive and non coherent of her feelings at the time and as of a few minutes ago I (even though i am still a little shy I still think I am getting better but still a bit naive and I can't shake the feeling there's still something wrong with me approaching women and I don't get it even with my Asperger's I've learned how to communicate semi efficiently with the opposite sex but yet something eludes me) indirectly asked her out and stating I know I'll be rejected but why does it still sting even though I acknowledged this outcome? I honestly don't understand one thing when it comes to women it seems 

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