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Walking down the hall I come across a mirror, it's dirty and blurred the image in it is unclear. I walk down empty halls a shadow on the wall, a stranger in my own body I wish to understand. Yet understanding is something that evades me even when I look for it. A shadow on the wall a thought left unsaid, a ideal, a child. I am not a good person, i am trying to be a better one, but yesterday's burden hurts today and i carry that pain into tomorrow.

Who am I the mirror isn't any clearer when I look into it today, will it be clear tomorrow? Do the shadows of our past continue to stain us into tomorrow or can we wash clean that muck and become pure again. Who do I ask to tell me if I'm ok, cause I keep on trying to swim but the water is deep and the ocean is dark. I don't think I understand what i should do, who am I when I wake up, is it the same person as when I go to sleep. the Pain of yesterday is my burden today and I carry that into tomorrow.

The mirror is murky and my vision isn't clear, these words I write on this page don't really make me feel better, the sting of the past is ever present, does moving on mean forgetting. I want to forget who I was, and become who I want to be, I don't think I'm changing, stagnant and stupid. The mirror is empty I don't really exist, the pain doesn't really exist, tomorrow isn't real, what is today.

What is time, what does it mean as it passes, I am getting older but am I getting wiser, I don't have any answers today, yesterday was kind of hard so i might disappear tomorrow, but if I do fade away I'd at least like it to be known that the mirror isn't clear and who I am still evades me, maybe the past defines me, or maybe i live in spit of it, but whether because or despite, I'm here today so I can hope tomorrow is better.

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