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I have wondered this for a long time and I am curious as to all of you lovely people's answers. We are all perverts here and we love it but my question for you all is:


What does perversion mean to you? In your opinion what does it mean to be a pervert? What actions makes someone a pervert? I'm curious of your responses. ^-^

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Just because we're perverted doesn't mean we're perverted. Perversion means the alteration of something from its original course, or corruption of what it was supposed to be.

We like beastiality and we like anal, we like cum baths and furries. We're gay and bi, straight, pan, a-sexual. It's all perverted. But that doesn't really mean we are. Now, perversion to me means that someone is being a creep in someway. Then there is the type of perversion that is cute and fun, like you're being a perv with your friends, or boy/girlfriend, whatever.


So, I can let myself be fucked by a dog, and yes. I have, and yes it's perverted, but that doesn't make me a pervert. I don't thrive off of it, I'm a trap and like wearing girls clothes, still perverted, but I'm still not a pervert. I don't thrive off of these things, just because I like them, they haven't become corrupted to me in anyway. Though it might seem that way to other people. :3 Basically I think it's different for everyone. I won't stalk someone, or harrass them for sexual satisfaction, and that to me is the most perverted thing a person can do.

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Wow, interesting topic.

Where do I stand on it?


Well, for the most part, I agree with Edge.


Q: What is perversion? A: Deviation from the normal.

Q: What is normal? A: Entirely subjective.


Everyone is their own normal. If I judged you based on what I thought was normal, other than being kind of an asshat, I'd have a different opinion than that of you, or someone else.

If you judged me based on what you thought was normal, again kind of a dick move, you'd have a different opinion to me, or someone else.


I'm pretty open minded. It doesn't mean I'd do some of the things I hear people talking about, or enjoy reading about, etc.

I don't think those people are perverts, or have anything wrong with them, any more than I think people who don't like things I do are prudes.

Purely because in my opinion, as I said, normal is subjective.

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Perversion is the act of losing one's humanity to the deepest instincts and desires that bode a darker heart. Its to give into the lust that eats away at us due to basic instincts.

Once we give in, experiment with different forms of pleasure to ease those instincts that produce dopamine, then you have given into perversion, corruption, you've lost your humanity.

Course it can be controlled and indulged, but the more you give in, the easier it is to step deeper, the more it envelopes you. Kinda like any other addiction, its something that you need to do in moderation, most definitely do not abstain from doing so because it'll cause ruin for humanity. Kinda like a double edged sword, don't swing it at others or at yourself, either way it'll hurt unless its in the sweet spot, perfect for defense and offence.

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