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  2. IsabellaRose

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    kitty plushy
  3. Tie him to the bed and tease him until he begs me for it, then ride him until he begs me for rest.
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  5. DozleZabie2


    i have been wanting to role play has a knight templar or something like that 

  6. The silence lasted awhile and Cammille began to reach for the volume again, but that gesture seemed to prompt Sammy to talk again. "What I mean to ask is...why that man specifically? What about him made you want to flirt?" Suddenly Cammille intuited what she was really asking. She was trying to figure out the hows and whys to tentatively explore if Cammille would flirt with her. "Some people are just adorable!" Cammille said smiling, then reached out to playfully run her fingers along the rim of Sammy's outer ear. Sammy blushed fiercely and froze in her seat. Beyond that reaction she was affectless and Cammille suddenly felt like maybe she had made a mistake and completely misjudged what was happening. There was an awkward silence between them that stretched uncomfortably long. "I'm not gay, I'm straight." Cammille finally said lamely. "Ok." Sammy said simply in reply. Despite the limited response just hearing Sammy's voice was something of a relief. "I just like to flirt." Cammille continued. "It's ok." Sammy said. Cammille felt a large rush of relief hearing a bit of pleasure in Sammy's voice now that the initial shock had receded a bit. For a moment visions of the nearly week long car ride still ahead of the pair had stretched out in all it's awkward glory in Cammille's head followed by Sammy commenting at Karen's wedding; "So your friend is kinda hand-ZZZZ girl, why didn't you warn me?" Sammy turned to Cammille and smiled softly, her expression much more open then Cammille had yet seen it. "Radio?" Cammille asked. Sammy nodded. This time as the radio blared Sammy's soft voice added to Cammille's as the pair sung along.
  7. DozleZabie2


    hey im new on here and i am really rusty at role playing i miss it so much T_T

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    2. DozleZabie2


      not a problem  ^_^ and i bet 

    3. DozleZabie2


      if i was not crap at profiles i would have gifs  but i got a pic instead 

    4. Tina


      Its oke, u are new, u will figure it out

  8. Temaelrin

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    Panda Plushy
  9. DozleZabie2

    my peferenece

    ill role play just about anything really ill role play any genres so if you want to a sex only role play i can do that or you dont im cool with that too . my few kinks cosplay im fine with furrys i love nekos or fox girls you name it i have my dom moments . i will not do scat or anything thing nasty i have morels i suck at things like this
  10. Back in the car, radio blasting Katy Perry's Dark Horse, and singing loudly along, Cammille drove her Honda entirely too fast as the Iowa farm lands whipped by in a blur. "...Because I'mmmmmm, capable of anything, of anything, and everything!" Cammille's beautiful singing voice filled the car, even louder than the music she was singing along with. Sammy hadn't said anything in the near hour since they had left the gas station but she finally looked over and stared at Cammille with a rather blank look on her face. Cammille was tapping the steering wheel and joyfully bouncing her head left and right when she noticed Sammy looking at her. She turned toward her and smiled happily. "...So you wanna play with magic?! Boy you should know what you're falling for!" She continued singing. "You really like to flirt, huh?" Sammy asked abruptly. Cammille flinched a moment, then turned down the radio to near silence. She felt a flush of irritation at the cold way Sammy had said it, wondering if she was being judged, but she decided to give Sammy the benefit of the doubt. The girl was obviously not the most socially graceful. "Yes, I love to flirt!" She kept her tone kind and engaged and would until she was sure of the woman's intentions, at which point, depending on what this was about, she would have an appropriate response. "Why did you flirt with that man at the gas station?" Sammy asked, her tone no longer abrupt but thoughtful now that she had managed to spit out her first question successfully. Cammille relaxed, no harm intended, just social difficulties. "Just because I wanted to." She replied. "Yes... but why?" Sammy hesitantly asked. "I just told you..." Cammille responded. Sammy was quiet for a bit after that. Cammille considered just turning the radio back up but decided to answer more in depth. "I like the thrill of it, I'm easily bored and...I dunno. Plus I enjoy the attention and worshipful gazes, it makes me feel...more like a cherished, valuable human being I guess. ...and finally, I'm just trying to be nice in my way. In a world full of easily accessible porn many men forget the genuine experience of a beautiful woman's touch and attention, however brief. I expect I filled his spank bank with at least a week or two's worth of material." Cammille laughed happily at that last thought. "I guess I'm kind of a narcissist, I like the idea of men's heads being filled with thoughts of me. I enjoy it much more than most women I expect." "Yeah?" Sammy asked. "Yeah, most women walk around terrified of men in their secret hearts, too afraid of potential stalking, obsession, even rape and murder!" Sammy gave her a long, considered look. "You aren't afraid?" She asked, responding to the tone in Cammille's voice. Cammille, watching the road now, idly replied; "Ninety percent of men are as kind and loyal as the family dog in truth, and if I run into a creep who wants to hurt me, well..." Sammy wrinkled her brow, obviously not sure what Cammille was implying exactly, but feeling confident Cammille could take care of herself. The Honda Civic raced on into the slowly falling evening.
  11. Balthier

    Neutral Plains

    Atalyka stood on the back of the 'hog, one hand on her waist, the other running through her hair, "I'm most concerned about the wildlife. I've slept under the stars many a time on campaign. We haven't fully surveyed the area, who knows what's out here? Going back to the ship for night is fine with me. There are a lot of libidos on over-drive back there though, so who knows if the night'll be any quieter. I'll yield to your advice. Either way I'll make it work." Atalyka's could feel her own lust raising again as it was. She honestly wasn't sure what the best choice was.
  12. "I need to pee." Sammy suddenly announced after four hours of travel. Cammille was almost startled, they were the first words the woman had spoken since she had briefly introduced herself on her porch earlier that day. "No problem." Cammille told her as she turned down the radio. "I could use some coffee anyway. Gas station ok?" She inquired of her passenger. An odd look of tension passed across Sammy's face that Cammille didn't understand but Sammy nodded curtly. Twenty minutes later Cammille pulled into a Kwik Trip and the pair got out as they entered. A teenage boy behind the counter, face full of fresh pimples, greeted them warmly as they came in. Cammille was about to respond when she caught Sammy's flinch. The waves of awkward uncomfortability she projected in that moment had the boy's happy smile turning down and his face falling as he suddenly felt awkward himself, afraid he had done something wrong. "Go ahead and use the bathroom, I'll get some coffee." Cammille said, touching Sammy's arm. As Sammy rushed off behind the food shelves toward the building's back bathrooms Cammille flashed the boy a winning smile that informed him non verbally that he had done nothing wrong. His smile rose again in response. Cammille found a series of spouts that poured various types of cappuccino in the coffee area and chose the french vanilla one, full fat, full sugar, though both other versions were available. Filling up the largest cup size Cammille tasted the piping hot brew. "More sugar!" She declared then pumped the french vanilla flavor pump almost a dozen times, like a crazy person. She turned her drink into an almost syrupy nectar, something only she would like. She needed tons of caffeine and sugar to counteract the cannabis she had been smoking off and on the entire day. She never worried about driving intoxicated and the deadly crashes that engendered, not because she was some fool that had convinced herself she could drive fine, or better than normal even, smoked up, but because of her little secret that allowed her system to handle it without actually slowing her reflexes, the same secret that let her drink things like the abomination in her hand without gaining a single bit of weight. Still, she wanted to feel up right now, not down and relaxed like she had all day. Back at the counter she paid for her drink while the teenager made an obvious conscious effort to look at her face and not her breasts. To reward his attempted chivalry, and also tease him a bit, she reached out and ran a finger over the back of his right ear as he looked down at the register. He nearly jumped out of his skin and as he looked up, she said to him; "Thank you for your service." In a tone that huskily suggested he had just done a wonderful sexual favor for her instead of just friendly counter service. As she turned away from him she saw Sammy standing near the exit, staring at her speculatively. Cammille glanced back at the boy, who was holding his ear like it was some newly discovered treasure and staring at her still, his lips parted slightly. "What?" Cammille asked Sammy as she walked by her to the exit.
  13. VTS

    My preferences.

    Kinks: Male Domination in all forms, BDSM, spanking, dirty talk, hair pulling, biting and nibbling, teasing and rubbing, grinding and secret sexual situations like under a desk or table, fingering, ass slapping, receiving oral - especially long, sloppy enthusiastic blowjobs with lots of back and forth between characters, cunnilingus, teasing each part of the pussy, strict commands and control, choking, shower sex, pinning, forced or watched or mutual masturbation, kissing and foreplay, all manner of toys and instruments, whips and paddles, degradation, anal, risky sex or the threat of being caught, filming or photographing in the scene, cucking, cheating, ageplay, monster and tentacles, rape, dub-con, forced, cum in mouth and swallowing, cumplay/smearing, humilation, DDlg (not the "tender" kind), non-human fucking, blackmail, corruption, breeding, creampies, light bloodplay with small cuts, etc. I mean aside from the limits, I'm down for it. Limits: Scat, gore, waterworks, diaper play/infantilism, stupid or unrealistic characters, overly cutesy bullshit or a lack of moderately competent written English.
  14. "So you've known Karen since she was a girl?" Cammille asked the farm girl while she lit a joint, carefully rolled to look like a cigarette to passing cops, as she pulled out of the farm girl's dirt driveway and out onto Route 39. The farm girl, Sammy, nodded but didn't say anything, neither answering Cammille nor commenting as pot smoke slowly filled the old silver Honda Civic. Cammille, everything about her appearance, manner, and possessions New York chic except her car, stared at the woman for a long moment but noted how she seemed to keep her eyes downcast and away from her own. Shy or Introverted, I guess. She thought. It wasn't a problem for Cammille, she was on her way to L.A. from New York to attend her friend Karen's wedding. She had decided to buy a cheap car and drive cross country to see the continental U.S. at least once in her life. When she had told Karen of her plans Karen had encouraged Cammille to try it. Karen had been all over the world and encouraged others to experience the wide world as often as she could. After a few hours Karen had called her back with a thought that perhaps on her way she could pick up her childhood friend Sammy in Beldam's Arbor in Iowa on her way as her friend didn't have an easy way to attend her wedding. Cammille was extremely easy going so she agreed and got the details, now two months later she had picked up her passenger and they were on the second leg of Cammille's epic trip. Though the silence didn't bother Cammille at all she could tell her passenger was feeling the awkward tension of feeling like she should respond in some way to Cammille. Reading this in her body language, Cammille turned on the radio and some old jam from the 70's, long, long before either of them had been born, filled the car and Sammy, recognizing the gesture's purpose looked up at Cammille briefly with a thankful half smile. Cammille grinned back at her with a wide pearl smile of her own then turned back to the road. Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits warbled out as the Civic sped off to the horizon.
  15. Kerzin Kalamond

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    Panda Bear
  16. Spank you until you can’t sit for being a naughty girl.
  17. Coffeecream

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    Russian Bear
  18. Kerzin Kalamond

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    Honey Bear
  19. GM Angel

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    honey inside
  20. Kerzin Kalamond

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    Jizz inside
  21. Harmony Frost

    Harmony Frost

    I feel like I have lost my muse. Or something. Something is missing. The spark. The flare. I can feel it. And it saddens me. 

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    2. Harmony Frost

      Harmony Frost

      Writer’s block. Like severe. I’m hating everything that I type. I keep erasing lines and trying to make them better but nothing satisfies me.

    3. Adverse


      I'm sure we can find something to satisfy you. 😈

    4. Temaelrin


      @Harmony Frost - I've been there, and I'm sure most of us have. It absolutely sucks - but it's not the end of the world. I find that it's usually a bad idea to try and force yourself past it. Usually causes burn out, if you're not already there. Although some disagree and think that, that's what you should do. Different strokes for different folks.

      I usually take time out and go read, indulge in another hobby, binge watch something, or play games. Like a brain vacation, or something. 

  22. Senki Zesshou Symphogear. Just stupid over-the-top action and catchy music. I love it and it deserves more love.
  23. GM Angel

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    Jizz covered
  24. IsabellaRose

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    cum covered
  25. GM Angel

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    cum worship
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