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  2. IsabellaRose


    Wow! I just found a couple roleplays I was involved in and lost track of during my move and pre-move drama.

    If we were playing and I lost you, and if you're interested in continuing our roleplay, please ping me. I'm doing my best to get back to all my roleplays. I hate leaving a story unfinished. I'll be reaching out to everyone individually as well. 

  3. Alexander Bodide

    Alexander Bodide

    Sorry folks, it will be a bit longer before I'm ready to resume normal activity. Rest assured, you've not been forgotten.

  4. hi there! im looking for a long time partner whose willing to do a submissive female (and maybe multiple females) or at least resistant at first but turn submissive as i break them into sluts. i got multiple ideas we can do and hammer out in the ecchitext if your interested!
  5. Blitz69

    My Little Cucky

    sounds interesting to do. what exactly do you have in mind for this idea?
  6. JennyDK

    OOC Chat

    I hope everyone enjoys the trophy wife I did ^_^ always fun to make new characters.
  7. IsabellaRose

    OOC Chat

    That's my bad for forgetting about scenes and actual terminology. I don't do petplay as defined, I just imagined humans as toys to the tentacle monsters (again, I'm using "actual fetish terminology" without intending to...) Anyway, yes to everything you said above. It's meant to be sexy fun play time, not some dark "use and abuse" petplay fetish. This is where my naivete shines through, I guess.
  8. Smile at the cute canadian redhead and find out what spots on her body are most ticklish before getting out of bed and making crêpes with maple syrup.
  9. Buio

    When was the last time...?

    when was the last time you were tied up?
  10. Today
  11. Buio

    How Buio ticks

    thank you for the kind words ^_^ If you are ever interested in doing an RP, feel free to shoot me a PM.
  12. Buio

    sample_b3e701cf6da300508fc29bffb1e1edce - Copy.jpg

    little women, big dongs
  13. Buio

    Keep a word... Replace a Word.

    shooting gallery
  14. Buio

    Corrupted Dreams~

    Granted, but everyone you want to interact with is asleep. I wish I always had the energy to post when i wanted to post.
  15. Buio

    From Wholesome to Hentai

    Dick and Dyke
  16. GM Angel

    • GM Angel
    • Elena Ichinomiya

    Goodnight you Silver Haired Goddess, I hope to see you tomorrow 😃

    1. Elena Ichinomiya

      Elena Ichinomiya

      Nighty night~

  17. tonyb88

    • tonyb88
    • MIroque

    Welcome; feel free to check out everything

    1. Elena Ichinomiya

      Elena Ichinomiya

      ...and his review...

    2. Adverse


      DEFINITELY his reviews.

  18. PsychoSexual

    • PsychoSexual
    • MIroque

    Welcome to the site!

  19. IsabellaRose


    If my body gives you comfort, hold it and I will share it with you. If my thoughts and words help you in any way, then I will share them with you. My heart has enough space for as many people as wish to come inside. 

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    2. IsabellaRose


      @Peculiarity... stop, you'll make me blush. 🙂

    3. Peculiarity


      Idc, you're sweet and that's final, so there.

    4. IsabellaRose


      @GM Angel... what I wrote is true, though... hold me. touch me. I'll give myself to you... trashy tomboy, elegant angel, dark deviant... whatever you are. 

  20. Adverse


    *jaws theme*


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    2. IsabellaRose


      Poking ALWAYS allowed.


    3. AvaBunny



    4. AvaBunny


      Oh come on , I was just teasing--

  21. Mr.X


    For the ones who RP with me, please bear a little with the delay, I'm still working on my exam which seems easy but it seems hard right now... Easier when its said but much harder when its done.... 

    By the way, have you been annoyed because someone is asking you a question which the answer is obvious already?

    1. Tsuki


      Good luck for your exam! 💪🏻


  22. Peculiarity


    So I nuked my Windows install on my old PC in favor of PopOS (because why the fuck not), which I'm really liking so far. Unfortunately, Folding@home doesn't seem to recognize my GPUs any more, even when setting the slots manually. Has anyone else running Linux had any luck getting F@h to see Nvidia GPUs? I'll be doing some research of my own throughout the day; I'm just curious to see if anyone else has had the same problem and managed to fix it.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Peculiarity


      Thanks! I'll keep fucking with it until it either works or I give up and start a Windows VM.

      ...actually, I wonder if Wine could help? Hmm, testing must be done.

    3. IsabellaRose


      Wine always helps, but I feel like we're not talking about the same thing.

      Happy Hour Drinking GIF

    4. Peculiarity


      I agree in principle, though I personally prefer beer or scotch.

  23. GM Angel

    • GM Angel
    • Elena Ichinomiya

    I was about to brush my teeth this morning as part of my daily ritual, but I think I'm gonna enjoy the after taste of your ass in my mouth awhile longer. ❤️

  24. MIroque

    Amiko Uzekawa

    Name: Amiko Uzekawa Age: 17 Gender: Female Species: Human Occupation: University Student (Computer Sciences) Role: Victim Height: 155cm Weight: 41kg Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black, Long Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Computer Programming, Math and Ju-Jiutsu Weaknesses: Slightly naive. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To be succeful business owner Hobbies and Interests: Movies Sexual Orientation: Curious Turn ons: Intelligence, Dominant personality Turn offs: Dick pics, vulgarity Breast Size: B...
  25. GM Angel

    GM Angel

    Breakfast time! Maybe something other than pizza now? Nah, Breakfast Pizza!

    1. Peculiarity


      You're gonna turn into a pizza if you aren't careful XD

      I'd eat you either way tho <.<

    2. IsabellaRose


      I just made a breakfast burrito!

  26. Lex.c

    • Lex.c
    • Rei Senpai

    Can we start a rp??😏

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