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  2. "Honestly..." after a pause, Monika let out a defeated sigh at Natsuki's question, followed by "I have no idea." She really didn't know why Sayori had put the desks together or why she had grabbed the sheets of paper, so in hopes that maybe the vice president could have an idea, the club president sent her a pleading look. "Oh, um, well... No one has probably managed to read the book completely, right?" Especially with last time's orgy... "Well, I was thinking about maybe trying to think up of the plotline that the story could take,...
  3. PsychoSexual

    • PsychoSexual
    • Elisabeth

    Welcome to the site!

  4. PsychoSexual


    Why is it that the days you shouldn't have woken up for, are also the ones that don't let you get back to sleep?

    1. Pandora Haze

      Pandora Haze

      To insure we are properly tortured so we appreciate the days that are calm or dull

  5. aLittleCrow

    A-Z of Baby Names

  6. Elena Ichinomiya

    Elena Ichinomiya

    Today weather still bearable but...

    "What's the hurry? School's over so we can have our study session as long as you want"
    (I might able to stay a bit longer. Just a bit)

    1. Yuuto Hiroshige

      Yuuto Hiroshige

      I’m sorry I spaced out, what are we studying again? :3

  7. Today
  8. Mr.X


    Sorry for Late Reply


    Got too much attention on playing some games and since last two weeks, I spend weekends not in home... So yeah, sorry bout no replies for a too long time

  9. Aura

    All the Pokemens

    And now that we've done everything of interest here on Card Island, it's time to move on back to GR Island! Back at the Colorless Altar, we now have the cards we need to meet the requirements of the colorless clerics, starting with Seth who required four Pidgey to be in my deck! I have to say this is probably the most difficult duel I've done in this series so far. I'm not sure if it was just bad luck or the fact that I was forced to build my deck around the requirement of fitting four Pidgey into the deck, but I lost...
  10. Pandora Haze

    Pandora Haze

    Looks like a night of drawing and improving my grammar. 

  11. Elena Ichinomiya

    Ghost, myth, urban legend, make believe story.

    Tell me, how many times you or your relative ride a train? Lucky for you, my country was playing the part of "How to not crash your train to another train 101" which become a lesson to the people who want to learn how to drive a train. If you find worst train crash on Indonesia, look no further than "Bintaro train crash incident". Before we jump to the sinister part, let me give you a brief background. Back in 1987, there's a train who gone ahead of schedule. Keep in mind there's no modern equipment like we had today at the time so the...
  12. ForgottenSin

    Sinners Ideas

    Always looking
  13. MIroque

    OOC chat.

    bad bad idea.
  14. Yuuto Hiroshige

    • Yuuto Hiroshige
    • Kendra Love

    Is something wrong with your ecchichat? 

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    2. Yuuto Hiroshige

      Yuuto Hiroshige

      Come on to ecchitext if you can, I sent you a message.

      I missed you a lot : P 

    3. Kendra Love

      Kendra Love

      I'll do what I can~ Love you too~ 

    4. Yuuto Hiroshige

      Yuuto Hiroshige

      Love you too. I’m glad you’re alright..

  15. Elena Ichinomiya

    What was the last thing you saw before you login on ED today?

    Bar background CG on anime
  16. Elena Ichinomiya

    Expression Palette Neo

  17. Trystan


    Man all my dominant energy is gone, now I just wanna listen to people

  18. Elena Ichinomiya

    • Elena Ichinomiya
    • Reyna

    Just realize something similar when i change my picture profile...
    "Hush now..."

  19. CaptKiraXAlice23

    • CaptKiraXAlice23
    • Kendra Love

    Missed you.. 

    1. Kendra Love

      Kendra Love

      Awww~ ❤️ I missed you too!~

    2. CaptKiraXAlice23


      So much for rps

    3. CaptKiraXAlice23


      I want to rp with you 

  20. DigiDJ

    Various Role-play Items

    This album is designed for me to create better imagery for roleplays and or roleplay groups. For Example: My "Cult of Coitus" Group
  21. Dooq

    Girls of Alia

    Each girl in this album has a story. Just ask and I'll post it to you, if you wish to roleplay with one of them~
  22. ForgottenSin


    how is everyone?


  23. Breaking Away: How long has it been, since these connections: were bent, severed, I think I hit my depression in the end: of this storm swelling inside me, there are these things, that there's no hiding from- If I break into pieces, lose all my reason, let it fly-by the seasons, day by day turns into grievance but for what- for the times you said you were beside me, or is it the way you stabbed my back, for the years, you held this control, or how you were slinking in the dark- But I don't need you,...
  24. Florbus

    Room 137: Sean's room.

    He lets her ride out her orgasm, giving occasional licks to help make it last longer. Her juices cover his chin and drip down his neck towards his chest. He enjoyed the feeling of her hands cradling his head, and her thighs contracting around him. His hands moved up to her abdomen, and he let them lay there, imparting a light pressure on her midsection. He looked up at her to see her panting, seemingly over whelmed. He stopped stimulating her, and waited for her to return to reality.
  25. Florbus

    Slowing Down

    He smiled, and moved her panties out of the way. He began to lick at her pussy, lightly teasing them apart. He laid long, loving licks across the lips from bottom to top. Finally, he slid his tongue inside her. It oscillated up and down, and he started to rub her clit with his thumb.
  26. Yesterday
  27. Andrea gives a light sigh, and falls into Alexa's embrace, wrapping her arms behind the blonde's neck. There was always this aura of confidence surrounding the blonde chieftain, and even simply being in it seemed to embolden Andrea. It was one of the many reasons why the half-elf enjoyed being so close to the young lady. "You're right," she simply says, laying a short, tender kiss on Alexa's neck. The thought of a massage sounded quite lovely coming out of Alexa's lips. Any intimacy they shared was always worth looking forward to. Why wait?...
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