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  • RP request.

    Hiya ! 

    I am trying to branch out of my comfort zone a little bit because my fandom-based RP bulletin wasn't super successful. I did get something from it which I am happy about, and while doing an RP revolving around that would be more ideal, I am willing to branch out a little more and try to go back to OC x OC lewd RP. I'm still using my persona OC for the RPs, and I am hoping that the RP can take place in the same city ( that would be Tokyo ). 

    My idea was more along the lines of a cheating RP of some sort - while my oc wouldn't be interested in cheating on her boyfriend per say, she finds herself in a situation inwhich she can't really say no. She is naturally relatively passive and listens to what people tell her ( if they're older than her, even if just by a year ). 

    I'm not looking for a big age gap between the characters, a year or two older is preferable.

    Again, my initial bulletin is the preferred RP, but I came up with this as like an alteration, as I would like to do more than one RP here at a time.


    Thank you for reading !


    If you know of persona and would like to do an RP among ocs that fits in better with knowledge of the game series and all that, that's highly appreciated and I would love to discuss it ! 

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