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       A Girl's Perspective

    The Plot - One day, a young man wakes up to find out that he's been transformed into a woman and burdened with a seemingly insatiable sex drive, riled up at mundane things and requiring plenty of stimulation to finally quell the beast.  But while many may consider such a thing to be a curse and bemoan their fate, this young man sees this as a unique opportunity to satisfy his curiosity and experience a myriad of kinks from the other side of the board.  He, now she, seeks out the help of her best friend, someone well versed in adult activities that she could trust to help guide and assist her through these new, erotic acts as she develops from a once-man into a newly ordained slut.  

    The idea is a slice-of-life RP filled with discoveries and first times and as such will be open to virtually any kink that is not listed as a hard no on my preference sheet.  If you have questions, please ask.  Personally, I feel like this plot would be best played into a male character, but I think a female character works well too, provided that my partner is willing to play other minor side characters.  I'm pretty open to discussions as well, so if there are alterations that you'd like to see to this plot, just PM me and ask.  I am looking to play as the Gender Bender character, it is a role that I've been dying to play for some time.

    The Themes - Gender Bender | Slice of Life | Open to Most Kinks | First Times | Corruption | Exhibitionism

    The Scenarios -

    --Returning to work after a leave of absence due to medical reasons, dealing with co-workers and customers as a woman.

    --Attending a family function and having to explain to his parents how they have a daughter now.  Maybe has an older brother that use to bully him and be mean, but now is strangely quiet and nervous around him.

    --Going shopping as a woman for the first time and buying bras, sexy underwear and girly outfit.

    --Maybe going to the club or somewhere and being denied, only to find out that he has assets he can utilize now.

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    I really like this idea. I also had an idea that he is really shy. Never explored his sexuality and once the change happens he feels a new freedom.

    i like the idea of a young man finally losing his virginity as a girl.

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    First up, thank you. It's an idea I've always wanted to pay around with and I've finally gotten a plot together so I'm very excited to get this going.  


    I wasn't planning to play around with him pre-transformation, if at all. As for his personality post transformation, I planned to have her somewhere between bold and shy. She embraces her new form and sexuality and wants to go through with these things, but they are so new that she struggles with long-time instincts and reaction. Something like going into a lingerie store would still feel weird and embarrassing.


    I'm a bit iffy with virginal scenes because any kind of blood in sexy scenes just makes me a little queasy. So obviously she'll be a virgin, but not have a hymen.


    And sure, feel free to message me so we can discuss more. 

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    No that makes perfect sense to start the game at the transformation. I am just giving my character back story.


    i like the idea of his this new female persona makes him/her more bold. I agree with the blood.

    i am still new to this platform. I have used different platforms in the past. I am still getting my Ecchi bearings. I am finding it hard to message people so you could message me.

    Do we RP via DM or in a forum?

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