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  • A kitsunes favor

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    Legends speak of a mischievous spirit who can grant wishes and make your wildest dreams a reality. Some say it is a god of old and proper sacrifice must be paid to appease the old god for such a gift to be bestowed upon you. Other brave souls claim to have gotten near the shrine the spirit resides in and said there was a nine tailed female kitsune keeping the grounds while surrounded by a harems worth of beautiful spirits of all kinds performing other tasks. No one has been brave enough to venture to the shrine and seek an audience with this great spirit and prostrate themselves before it asking for their blessing in aiding them on a quest. 

    No one until now. Not until you.


    So this is not a straight pure smut story, there is enough plot to breakup the lewd moments. Your character is a female adventure being sent on a quest for reason xyz, you decide. However yc knows she will need more than the supplies, money and weapons afforded to her by her village elders so she gathers her courage to go to the shrine and ask for the spirits blessing to aid her on her quest. Be warned though traveler, power comes at a cost.

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