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  • A (somewhat) realistic Harem (M/Futa4F)


    Looking for a female partner who'd be open to playing an idea based loosely around the image above:

    The main plot starts off like a pretty basic harem style RP; MC is some Lord/Lady whose collected a small group of around 4-6 girls(YCs) and brought them to their mansion in the mountain side where they won't be disturbed. The girls are forbidden to wear clothes, have to have sex whenever MC wants it, etc., etc... But what I want to play out is beyond what most of these RPs stop at. Going from one girl to the next to fuck day in and day out grows stale after a while. And if all the girls are getting fucked 24/7, whose taking care of the house? What about the girls themselves? They've got hobbies and things they like OTHER than sex. What if some of the girls start to fall in love with MC or each other? Or heaven forbid, one of them gets pregnant...

    I want to take the tired out Harem RP and throw a healthy dose of realism into it. I want to make a small cast of characters and play out a more realistic slice-of-life RP in what was a purely sex-driven setting. Not to say this RP won't involve sex, far from it. It's just not the focus anymore. The focus has now shifted to how MC and the girls manage to live together in a (somewhat) realistic way. But of course there's still echoes of the former sex driven plot, like the girls always being naked, MC can have sex whenever they want, etc. Hence why I say "somewhat" because realistically who would allow themselves to be stripped naked 24/7 and let someone own and fuck them freely? 

    Notable kinks: (aside from the first one in bold, none of these are required)

    • Casual nudity: As mentioned above, the girls should still be naked 24/7. (why? Because I like it...)
    • Casual sex: The girls have all had sex, seen each other get fucked, and been watched getting fucked so much by now that it's not really worth paying attention to anymore. Not to mention MC can walk up, bend over any of the girls, and go to town whenever they please.
    • Lewd conversations: The girls live a life of sex and pleasure, what do you expect them to talk about? The weather????
    • Sex interrupting life: Where the causal sex interferes with the girls daily life. Lets say girl A promised girl B she'd give her some music lessons after lunch. But then MC pulls girl A away to fuck her, Girl B comes to find them and is annoyed MC got in the way of her lessons and MC has to apologize.
    • Sex enjoyers, not sex crazed: Everyone in the RP enjoys sex, it feels good and is fun. That doesn't mean they're thinking about having sex and seeking it out 24/7 like a broken record. 
    • Pregnancy: Maybe one of the girls ends up pregnant despite the birth control she's on, what happens now?
    • Unaffected by sex: An odd one, but I'd love to try it out. Where whenever a girl is getting fucked she's virtually unaffected by it. For example lets say some girls are eating together and MC comes and starts fucking one of them. The girl will just bend over for MC so they have access, but then will carry on eating and talking to the other girls like nothings happening to her at all. The sex still feels good and she can even orgasm from it, but she's not panting and being turned into a moaning mess from getting fucked.
    • The peanut gallery: Sex happens openly in the mansion, other girls will see or at least hear the others getting fucked. And of course they'll make comments or even cheer on the ones fucking.
    • Lesbian fun: Nothings stopping the girls from having sex together.


    Please message me if you're interested. I have a collection of characters already that we can pick from, just ask~!

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