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    Yo, new to the site, definitely not new to RP(nearly +10 years under my belt on various sites).

    I'm caught up working a full time job irl and its made RPing rather difficult since the other sites i used relied mainly on real-time chats, which for a full time graveyard-shift worker, that made things rather hard for me to get my RP on. So here I am, hoping to find people interested in semi-casual long-term RPs. I can only squeeze in 1 or 2 posts in per day if i'm lucky, so be aware of that and don't assume i've ghosted you if I don't reply for a day or two. I post semi-para length in 3rd person and I expect similarly from my partner, i'm not expecting a novel, but i NEED more than a bunch of one liners to keep me interested.

    What I play as:

    Gender-wise: Anything with a dick. (Males, femboys, shotas, shemales, herms, ect)

    Ages: 13-30.

    Species-wise: I have few limits, bring me a pic and 9 times out of 10 I'll be fine with it.(no irl pics please)

    Dom or Sub?: I mostly lean to Dom, but if my partner likes to powerbottom I can sub just as well.

    Scenes/settings I play in: I lean towards fantasy/medieval settings, but modern, Tribal, and Egyptian themes definitely deserve a special mention.

    DM'd style RP vs Normal RP: I do both, pick your poison.

    What I'm looking for in a partner:

    Gender-wise: Females and Femboys

    Ages: 13-25 usually.

    Species-wise: Again, few limits.

    Dom or Sub?: Preferably subs.

    Canons?: So here's the thing. I love a lot of canon characters and would be totally down for using their likeness for our RP. HOWEVER, I'm not interested in fully canon RPs, I'm not gonna be your kirito to your asuna...

    Special Kinks:(none of these are ever required btw)

    Shameless & Eager: I love when my partner character is absolutely shameless and eager to get lewd. No "pure maidens" here please.

    Casual/Forced Nudity: Self explanatory.

    Excessive cum-play: We can get dirtier than some simple facials here. Gargle it like its mouthwash, use it as shampoo, bathe in it, hell even cum vomiting! Just get creative.

    Cock/Ball worship: Just something so appealing of having my partners character lavishing over my crotch like its the most important thing in their life.

    Unusual cum: Anything from the amount let out per load, to the color and taste of it. Be creative with me, we can go nuts with it.

    Dark skinned/Tanned: The anime style of dark skinned characters just makes me feel a certain kinda way....

    Special mention(please read):

    I am VERY picky about the reference image of my partners. You can have everything I'm wanting kinkwise, scene wise, post size, ect. BUT, if I don't like how your character looks, my mood is instantly killed. To try and help counteract this problem I have, I have an imgur account with most likely thousands of pictures of characters I do like. Anything from hentai characters, monster girls, femboys, shotas, and lolis. The fastest and most sure fire way to get my attention when approaching me is to ask if you can look through them and see if there might be one you're willing to play as. You can even take it a step further and build an RP idea out with me based on the image you pick out. Of course this may not even be an issue you have to deal with if I like your character as is.

    tl;dr: I might ask you to use a different picture for your character if I don't like it.(it's not you, its me.)

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