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  • [A4A] A number of ageplay prompts!

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    Hello there! I'm Mofu and I like ageplay prompts! For the purposes of this post, I will be open to playing either character in the prompt, but I do have a preference towards the male character, so anyone who can accommodate that will have a headstart above others! [MOD EDIT: Removed Section 14 Violating Content] (but doing some public stuff here sounds pretty hot, I will say~). There is a roleplayer preference post attached to this and my profile that outlines my kinks and limits, so I won't be listing them here, but, given the content of my prompts, I think you'll get a good idea of the kind of stuff I like.

    1. Teenager's first time at a casino!

      It was the first vacation you'd been on in a long time, your parents taking advantage of your spring break to take you somewhere to relax and unwind. Where specifically? It does not really matter, be it Vegas, Monaco, or otherwise, but what's important is its reputation for the adult life. Gambling, drinking, prostitution, the likes. After a few hours in the casino, your parents, frankly, got way too invested in a game of Blackjack. The free drinks certainly didn't help either, and before long, they were more invested on riding their winnings for as long as they could, and they paid less attention to you. They were supposed to keep an eye on you, after all, they weren't gonna bring you out and then just leave you in the hotel room! And it's not like someone your age could get up to much anyways!

      After awhile, you just decided to slip away for a bit. Maybe get some water, at least walking around was more fun than just watching your parents gamble... At least they wouldn't be there to chastise you about all the bunny girls walking around, carrying trays, hanging off the high-rollers' arms. Did I mention the staff was entirely bunny girls? It's kind of what this particular resort-casino was famous for! For the purposes of this roleplay, they can be legitimate bunny girls, or just rocking the slutty suits, but I am of course partial to the former~

      Maybe you run into them, being separated from your folks, or maybe a pair of them catch you ogling them for a bit too long, but eventually, you're pulled aside, somewhere "safe to wait for your parents". Judging by the other staff guiding clients back there, it's clear that this is a very *adult* zone, but eventually you're ushered into one of these private rooms, the door shut behind the two bunny girls, and the locks audibly clicking closed.

    2. Making out with your big sister!
      You've got an absolutely massive crush on your big sister. She's sweet, caring, and to top it off, hot as hell, with perfect curves. It seems that no matter what she wears, she looks slutty in, even if that's far from her real personality! One day, you decide that you really need to get over your crush on her, and go to stop by her room. See, there's a girl at school that you like, and you're pretty sure she likes you too... But the problem is, you don't really know how to deal with girls! So, who better to ask than your big sis?

      You go to her room, and without thinking, push the door open. Instead of her just doing homework or being on her bed, your college aged big sis is stood there in her old school-swimsuit, a navy blue one piece that she barely fits in, and some white thigh highs to boot! She's a little startled by it, but you're just her little brother, it's not like this is a huge deal! She throws on a zip-up hoodie to half-cover up, before telling you to sit down with her, and talk. It's hard to focus on what you came here for, with her tits almost bursting from that swimsuit.

      Eventually, you tell your big sister that you need girl advice... And one thing leads to another, and your busty big sis is teaching you how to make out!

    3. Birthday present from your cosplaying, e-girl big sister!
      It's your birthday, and your big sis wants to do something big before you go off to high school! Unfortunately for you, your parents decided to take a vacation the week of your birthday, saying you couldn't come because of school! Now, it's just you and your big sis, all alone. She just feels awful about it all, and decides to do something special! After doing some research on your computer while you were at school, she's figured out which anime/video game character you like the most, and on top of that, she already has a cosplay for it!

      When you get home from school that day, you get a text from her, asking you to meet her in your bedroom. Upon arriving, you're completely shocked! Your big sis has done a complete transformation, everything from make-up, clothing, and even dyed hair, to look exactly like whichever character you want to nail the most. The actual character for this is pretty open, but I am quite fond of Samus and 2B, but I would love to hear other suggestions!

    4. Dragged to a sorority party at the beach!
      You're on a vacation to the beach! You, your parents, and your siblings have decided to take a little vacation to somewhere warm. Problem is, beaches are difficult for you. Due to how... endowed you are, beaches are a huge problem. Walking around in loose shorts, having to stare at busty girls walking around in bikinis, you have to spend all your time concentrating on not looking at anything! Usually, you can get by by just staying in the water, or reading a book on the beach, but your parents have instead asked you to go to a shop on the boardwalk to grab some snacks for the family. You tried to fight it, but they weren't hearing it.

      Just your luck, and you end up in line, with some hot college girl in front of you, and two more behind you. Whether they spotted your dick or not, you can hear the two behind you whispering and giggling about something. You can sometimes make out the words, "cute, small, all alone". It isn't long before you feel one of them tapping your shoulder. "Hey, um, so like, are you here by yourself? Cause my sorority is like, having this huge party at our beach house nearby!" Too bad she neglected to say you were the only boy invited~

    5. Big sis is having sex with my best friend!
      You knew your friend had a thing for your big sister... Well, just about everyone you knew liked her. She was practically a supermodel, and the way that she was so nice to everyone didn't help. Of course, you knew that there was nothing you could do about your friends wanting to nail your sister... But you never thought she would actually let them hit!

      That was exactly what happened one day, when you ended up sick one day. You were resigned to your bed for the day, resting off whatever virus you'd picked up, when your best friend was sent home from school to bring you some homework to do. He was expecting to find you, but instead, the person opening the door is your big sister! A few hours later, you emerge from your room, after all, you'd been informed that he was coming over... But you hadn't heard from him in the slightest. Instead, you walk out just at the same time as your sister and him are walking out of her room! She's wearing nothing more than a white t shirt and gym shorts, but you can spot what is clearly a bikini top underneath. Worse, her hair is a total mess, and you're pretty sure you can see kiss marks poking out from your best friend's waistband!

      The general idea behind this one is a big sister having sex with her little brother's friends. I'm interested in playing out both the actual sex, and the consequences of having to sneak around, and almost getting caught by her little brother.

    Well, there's some prompts to mull over! If you have any modifications you wanna make, let me know. If you want to suggest something of your own that you think I might enjoy, based on my kinks and the above prompts, please, let me know! Hope to hear from some of you soon~

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    Hello there! All the ideas seem really fun, and I'd be glad to hear you out on these ideas as well as any modification or ideas we may make together. If you're not interested, I wish you the best of luck in finding partners anyways!

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    Hey, there are a couple of prompts that seem really interesting, mostly 2 and 5, though 4 seems like something interesting to incorporate as well. I'd be happy to move to Ecchi Text if you'd like to discuss some options.

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    Hi! After reading this post, don't deny the fact that you caught my attention... if you want I'm interested in doing rp, and I really like the second prompt~

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