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  • --Awaken Your Instincts--

    The Premise: This RP is based on an idea presented by a One Piece H-Manga called, "Chopstick". This manga features Robin and Chopper as sexual partners and revolves around Chopper awakening to his animalistic instincts and being somewhat unable to control them.

    To provide a short synopsis, Robin comes across a crying, panicked Chopper sporting a raging hard-on. He's distressed because he doesn't know what it is or what to do with it. Feeling that it's her duty as a friend and crewmate, Robin decides to help  him. She tells Chopper that he has been somehow infected with a poison and that she's going to suck it out. After bringing Chopper to completion and be covered with his semen, they find out that it wasn't enough. So Robin tells him that she's going to use her other "hole"--her vagina, if it's not obvious--to suck it out because her body can neutralize the poison. This time Chopper is finally settled down. However, now Chopper's instincts are awakened and he starts taking Robin whenever the mood strikes him, much to her inconvenience and annoyance. But she doesn't re-buff him or flat out refuse him because she feels a bit responsible. This leads to scenes where Chopper interrupts Robin in the bathroom, in the bath, at night in the room she shares with Nami, etc.

    The Kinks: Bestiality ( Preferred, but not an absolute requirement ), Dub-Con, Breeding/Impregnation, Large Quantities of Cum, Large Insertions, Bimboification, Age-play

    The Plot: What I would like to do is a short-term RP around the plot of Chopstick, using either Chopper and Robin or a couple of OC characters. I'd like to follow several scenes of the male character interrupting the female character in her daily life to have sex with her, preferably inconveniencing her in the process. Her consent would be dubious, not that she wouldn't be enjoying it all the same. 

    The interruptions would most likely annoy and irritate her, but she won't stop the male character because she feels a bit responsible for his current state and uses it as a justification to enjoy a bit of guilt-free sex. This RP will probably end when the female character is finally able to admit to herself that she's not just doing this for her friend, but also for herself and has become addicted to this treatment. And I hope to possibly see her get impregnated in the final scene, but that's debatable.

    The Pairings:
    Disclaimer - I am not great at RPing Canon characters and would much, much prefer to create two OCs. But if you're dying to do canon characters, I can give it a shot.

    --Chopper x Robin 
    --Beastman x Human Female
    --Shota x Older Sister/Cousin/Female Friend
    --Sentient Animal x Human Female

    Closing Statements: If you know me, you should know that I enjoy playing a female characters. I just find much more enjoyment with a female than I do with a male character. So I am looking to playing the female character.

    I am also very flexible and if this idea interests you, but there are certain aspects you don't like, you can message me and we can discuss alternate paths and aspects. While this is the idea I'm craving, it's just no fun if my partner isn't enjoying it as well.

    Also, I'm only looking for one partner to do this RP with. Once one is found, I will update this thread.

    I look forward to RPing with you!

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    Well I would say that I do find it interesting there are certain aspects that will make it difficult for me to do it with you but I do think I would at least write here what I would want to change and if you are up for those changes then we would be definitely able to do this RP here~ 😄 

    • I do want it to be Futa x Female with me playing as the woman I was thinking that since you also love to play female the most I thought it could work if changed a tiny bit
    • Dub-Con I would want it to be Non-Con as in the Female doesn't really want it but her body likes it so she gets stimulated by the person fucking them but she still mentally doesn't want this
    • Would heavily want Bimbofication to not be part of it if possible.
    • I do think we could do this as a Short-Term or possibly Long-Term if we got off well with one another so that is just more a thought than anything else.

    Again I know this might not be what you wanted but I still wanted to throw my coin into the machine and see if I got lucky, so yeah I do hope to hear from you soon enough no matter the answer~❤️ 

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