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  • Consent-acles~! (4 F partners)


    Looking for a female partner willing to playout an idea loosely based on the image above:

    The basic idea is that YC has a non-aggressive tentacle monster that they let violate their bodies of their own will. Perhaps you're a mage who wants to study it. Or perhaps you're a noble princess whose been raising it in secret and you jump into it's pit when you just want to get away from it all. Or maybe your tribe sacrificed you to the beast, thinking it needed to be appeased so it wouldn't attack them, only to find out it's a lot more caring and affectionate than your tribe thought.

    I'm pretty open to what the actual plot is for this, just so long as everything stays consensual between YC and the tentacle monster. I'm also open to fully customizing the monster itself to whatever we want, here's a link to a basic CYOA style builder for it: https://tentaclemasterkonami.github.io/TentaclePet/TentaclePet.html (Bear in mind this is just to help come up with ideas, you don't have to use this if you don't want to)

    Notable kinks: (Just some kinks I really would like to include but they are optional, except for the last one in bold)

    • Cum bath: Just like the picture, I love the idea of the monster just having a pool of its own cum that dwells in and will pull you into and fuck you in.
    • Breeding/egg laying:  Self-explanatory.
    • Don't be passive(required): Most depictions of a tentacle monster show the girl restrained or completely at the mercy of the monster, not doing anything herself. But that's not what's happening here. There's nothing stopping YOU from taking initative here. You can grab a tentacle, shove it up your holes and start riding and bouncing on it like you would any other dick or toy. Even when it's fucking you, shake your hips with it, grab a tentacle and put it in your mouth and jerk it off while you suck on it. Just don't be passive and leave the beast to do all the work.

    EXTREME KINKS: (These are some very extreme tentacle themed kinks not meant for the faint of heart, you've been warned. And obviously these are opt-in only kinks and not required.)


    Most of these kinks are inspired by an artist by the name of "Ranken" look him up on gelbooru for an idea of what most of these look like. Just be warned, his art is pure tentacle/insect rape unlike what I'm wanting to do:

    • All the way through: The classic. A tentacle goes in the mouth or asshole and comes out the other side.
    • Cum vomit: Getting filled with so much cum it comes back up.
    • Cum "flooded": a variation of cum vomit, getting filled with so much cum in the ass or mouth it comes out the other end until there's nothing left in you but cum.
    • Cum inflation: filled with so much cum you like 9 months pregnant with triplets.
    • Extreme breeding/birthing: newborn tentacle monsters are small, you can easily hold fifty in your womb at one time.
    • Oral/anal birthing: when the womb is full, your belly and ass will do just fine.
    • Hyper-Fast pregnancy: Rather than take months to give birth, why not drop it to a few minutes?

    If you're interested please feel free to message me with a basic idea you'd like to play out, what kind of monster you want me to play, and the kinks you'd like to include. I also have a collection of character you can play as, if you're interested just ask.

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