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    Hello all!

    I can roleplay male or female against the opposite sex. Sadly there isn’t any MxM, FxF or anything besides MxF or FxM pairings from me. I like longer length roleplays where I’ll get multiple paragraphs from my partner. I dislike single liners. It kills the mood and muse. I, myself, tend to match my partner’s length and provide quality posts. Otherwise I naturally provide a paragraph or two minimum. I like some plot with my smut. The teasing and torment between characters that can’t rush right into the bedroom is what I enjoy most! Don’t worry, eventually they will give into the cravings!

    Stepsiblings Suggested Plot

    Muse A and Muse B both live in single parent homes until their parents meet, date and, after a while, gets engaged. Muse A's mother died when he/she was very young and Muse B's father left them not too long before the parents started dating. To say that Muse A and Muse B aren't too happy with this information, is an understatement. Muse A and Muse B has yet to meet and they already dislike each other but once they finally set eyes on each other, Muse A is dead set on obtaining Muse B’s affections while Muse B has more hidden feelings about the whole thing. After all, Muse A had just turned 18 while Muse B was in their mid-twenties. Muse A was persistent with flirting or subtle cues in the eyes of their parents, while Muse B did everything to avoid Muse A. 

    One day, Muse A and B’s parents go out for a romantic evening, unknown to Muse B. Muse A entices him over with a promise of a family dinner but it ends up being an empty house with Muse A. Will Muse B finally given in to Muse A?

    I would could play either Muse but prefer Muse B to be male, and Muse A female.


    Interested Pairs:

    Professor x Student


    Dragon Rider x Dragon Rider

    Police Officer x Crook


    In terms of kinks, I’m pretty vanilla. I don’t do anything super extreme as I’m uncomfortable with it. All characters must be 18+. Nothing younger. Again, I can comfortably play either gender for roles. If you have a plot you’re dying to try, run it by and I may be the partner for you!

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