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    Just a quick extra post for a somewhat specific craving! 

    Alongside all the fun I've been doing, I began to crave some darker plays -- here's some must-have kinks for this:

    ➤ non-con

    ➤ MC enduring some level of pain

    ➤ degradation/humiliation

    ➤ unrealistically huge cocks (size difference in general a big +)

    I am open to pain leaning towards torture, though it can be closer to just BDSM activities, but I'd like penetration to be somewhat painful, at least at first. We can indulge a lot of different kinks, I am into plenty of things, and happy to make sure we're both getting our desires fulfilled ;3 As for themes, I am a sucker for fantasy but I don't mind plotting something in sci-fi or modern day for this.

    Some loose ideas for this:

    MC enters an abandoned mansion that turns out to be a haunted house...

    After the death of her parents, a Princess is sent to her Uncle's mansion. She is not aware the Uncle wants to usurp the throne -- and that there are many other people there are happy to help him, being a great danger to her...

    A sorceress in training takes on a job to assist a well-known mage. Sadly, things don't go as planned...

    A religion succumbs, to be replaced by another. High Priestess of the fallen God is captured and to be publicly used as a final statement that her God is gone...

    A noble lady forced to become a concubine to save her family -- but the King is even worse than she suspected...

    Elven warrior, defeated and sold on a slave auction...

    A spy caught by the General, now becomes his property...

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