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    Dearly Dreaming

    It's not like this was some crazy set of circumstances. Y/N wasn't a prince or a pauper, a killer or a victim, or even a witch or wizard. This was the mundane, average, plain world that everybody has come to know the way it is.

    Which is why that night turned many things on their head for Y/N.


    It was a late summer night, and on the way to Y/N friend's, he requested he grab some alcohol. Nothing much, just a restock. Y/N obliged, making his way through the small town to the liquor store. It was an interesting, beautiful drive - the road to the liquor store rode between the woods, and the back of the mall. It was also on the outskirts, so it wasn't particularly light outside. Y/N rode with the music low, and the windows down, to enjoy the cool air. It was in the AMs, so there weren't any cars, no people, no nothing out here. Nobody wanted to go to the liquor store this late in fear of getting shanked, and thus, nobody did go to the liquor store at this time - which made it the best time to go, ironically.

    After grabbing a few things at the store, Y/N walked out to his car. He'd gotten a few things, and didn't have to fight any lines or anything which was pretty nice...!


    And then he heard something that made him stop. Something had made a noise. From across the road. _In the woods._ There was a visible clearing, and someone was there, taking pictures.


    Y/N felt his blood run cold. Wait - what if it was a killer? What if he was taking 'before-killing' photos of Y/N? He felt dreadful just thinking about it, but... Something in him decided to pursue this source of the sound - if he was going down, it was with a fight.

    Y/N crossed the road, passing the far curb and stepping onto the grass, as the sound of the shutter continued. The darkness made it hard to see more than silhouettes, but the closer he got, the more the situation came to his attention. And soon, he was faced with knowledge that was absolutely shocking - the photographer was facing away, taking pictures of the forest and sky. But that wasn't the half of it - because the photographer was a... Erm... Deer girl. For a lack of better description. She wore a shirt, so she was competent of humanity on some level, but... What?! Who was she???

    The questions took a step aside when she evidently, suddenly became aware of her surroundings again, and realized she was being watched. She turned to see Y/N, and was just about to leap away, though, you had just enough time to say...

    //Thank you for reading my starter! It was based on a dream I had last night. I am focusing on romance and am fine with all thing in my writing. I can play either character, I just prefer someone who will contribute to the story and really give me something to work with.

    I also have image examples but can't upload them here it seems, you'll have to ask in private.



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