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  • Debts Repaid: A Mercenary and Adventurer Tale

    • EcchiText Me! Looking


    General themes: Fantasy, Adventure, Dungeon Crawling, Romance, Darker/Grimmer Tones

    TL;DR: A young female adventurer inherits a debt from her late father. To pay off the debt, she seeks the aid of a male mercenary that owed her father a life debt. To settle their respective debts, they must seek out an ancient artifact her creditors desire.

    Setting: The Rivera Frontier is a relatively unexplored and hostile territory. Believed to have once been home to a prosperous empire of high elves, it has long since been abandoned and fallen into decay and rot, becoming home to all manner of monsters and twisted beings. However, it is also a place filled with treasure and ancient artifacts, attracting waves of adventurers and mercenaries from all over. Our tale begins in the frontier city of Runetown, which is renowned for its runestone mines and runesmiths capable of forging all manner of powerful artifacts out of the runestones.

    Possible Extras:

    • Additional party members (as NPC’s)
    • A pre-existing history between the main characters, such as, for example, having been childhood friends
    • Lower, but more personal stakes
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