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    Throughout high school and his early years Derek was the "nobody". He attempted to make a name for himself time and time again, but always faced the same results pushed by the dominating cliques.

    Derek wasn't unsociable, but any interaction with a popular person was dismissive. Time passed and Derek moved on to college, somehow facing similar results. This was more of his own fault, however. He spent more time on his studies and tinkering with personal projects than going to parties. 

    However it had it's perks. He graduated well, starting his own career and went on to develope a small but very valuable technology firm. The specifics don't matter much on product, but Derek lived very well. He was alone though. Never getting thr companionship anyone desired. 

    (Derek's backstory is nothing special and can be edited to suit needs. it's more lifelike than plot building...)

    Now this is where we begin our smut. Derek can have different scenarios occur. The use of sci-fi or supernatural effect to gain mind control OR he begins to amass a following of females or fans. 

    This can also be broken into different genres/themes. Bdsm, light slavery, scifi/fantasy all depends on your desires.


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