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  • Everyday slow & small / Heady myth & legend (F looking for M character)

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Looking for a male character (2-30s) to play against my own (F, 20s).
    More info on themes, settings, and partner preferences below. Thanks for reading x

    ⭐Female MC key traits

    • Down-to-earth, genuine, warm & sunny
    • Direct to the point of tactlessness; tends to use the first words that come to mind without much thought for connotation, or how they might sound to the listener / in the situation. Also: impatient, irreverent, uncompromising (she's all-or-nothing—wholly invested or not at all. This goes for people, too)
    • Standard East Asian build, plus a disproportionately fuckable ass. Her face is polarizing—some find it odd/alien; others find it beautiful. Narrow waist and shoulders, average height. Her lips are small but full; against her skintone, they look stained. Light brown eyes, wide-set, sloping upward at the outer corners. Small titties 


    • Contrast—between the characters' appearances (female MC does love getting physically crushed), but also in personality, background, values, dis/likes, etc. Anything that makes for interesting conversation and unexpected character dev
    • Unexpected attraction / slow-burn—Related, big fan of connections that don't make sense on paper / take both characters by surprise
    • Non-verbal affection—Female MC's love languages are touch and action. Sweet talk and pet names are [usually] a no-go  
    • Seniority and age differences—Female MC is in her 20s, which puts her at the bottom of most hierarchies. Rank isn't something she cares about, but it is a dynamic I'm a sucker for. (Somewhat related: Female MC isn't interested in dominating, but submission also doesn't come naturally to her at all. I'm also a huge fan of more subtle acts of domination—like unconscious hand placement, a look or tone of voice—in addition to the more explicit ones 🙃)
    • Exceptionalism—Pieces of each character that only show up around each other (e.g., bouts of shyness, possessiveness, cheek) 
    • Monogamy—I'm open to multiple partners and/or adultery as themes, so long as monogamy is the end
    • Story-driven—Not opposed to one-shot smut, but smut in service of story and character will usually be my preference 
    • Rough sex—Animalistic, fucked past speech, just absolutely gutted


    • Slice-of-life—Something slow and small, like: A new neighbor. Repeat encounters between strangers. A long-haul flight, or a long train ride. Etc. Fantastically normal stuff 
    • Myth and legend—Specifically something also slow and small, in a big and atmospheric world. Greek, Roman, and ancient Chinese god/desses are the *feel* I'm looking for right now

    ⭐Partner preferences

    • Good grammar—In roleplay, good grammar is important to me. It's hard for me to enter and stay in a story when I get tripped up by its construction. IRL, I think as long as others are able to understand what you mean, grammar is whatever
    • Knowing what you want—Own your preferences! I'd love to talk about them 
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    This sounds fascinating, and quite challenging, but I would love to give it a try. I would like to do something very down-to-earth, so the slice-of-life bit fits me well. Maybe something between a college professor and a student? Or just two strangers who get stuck in a remote place (tiny village) because of a storm or somesuch and are forced to share a room at a local boarding house? Can I message you so we can talk more?


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