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  • F4F playing Ranni from Elden Ring


    "My Lady, my Queen, until I die, I am your servant. Until I die, I am yours."

    The world of the Lands Between is a harsh one for any man, woman, or child. Be them tarnished or shardholders themselves, the world is cruel and unforgiving. A single err is all it takes for your body to turn to ash, and nobody will remember you once it does. A Tarnished, the face of a young woman shrouded by her helm, bows down before a lady of magic and mystery, offering everything she has just for the pleasure of staying by her side through the battles ahead. Her tarnished life means little to the Lunar Princess, except as a means to draw pleasure from mortality that the witch had long-abandoned.

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    Lol another fellow cultured Tarnished looking for a Ranni roleplay, nice, I wish you luck, not very expert on playing females, but I hope this comment bumps your post

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