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  • [F4Futa] Looking to spitshine some girlcock

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    Hello! I'm particularly interested in giving some hung girl a blowjob! (And probably more). I'm looking to play with doms, and I don't have anything particularly specific that I want to play right now! Some general themes and pairings are as follows!

    Needy roommate- You play my hung roommate that's always whining about not getting your dick sucked! Eventually my character gives in~

    Fantasy shopkeep- You play an herbalist or apothecary that specializes in potions. I play an inexperienced adventurer. In an attempt to grab what looks like a healing potion off the top shelf, you try to stop me, but it just ends up splashing all over you! Unfortunately, it wasn't a healing potion, but rather an aphrodisiacs! Now, the cute shopkeep has me pinned to the shelves, and the fattest dick I've ever felt is threatening to upend my skirt!

    Persistent succubus- I play a succubus that catches your scent. Unfortunately for me, you're rather resilient, so it leads to me constantly appearing nearby, trying to flirt with you and convince you to let me suck your cock! There's lots of fun stuff here when it comes to playing with lewd magic! Maybe the succubus is completely invisible to all but her target! Maybe she can fuck with people's perception of reality, creating little pockets for her and her prey to have as much loud, messy sex as possible, no matter the locale~

    Sneaking into the bunnygirl casino- Your character sneaks into a very high-end casino, staffed entirely by bunny girls! One of them catches you trying to spy on their changing room, but showing off your fat dick convinces her to help hide you! Now, you're squeezed into a little changing stall, pinning some busty bunny girl to the wall, your girlcock balls-deep~ This has lots of potential for multiple characters, too! I'm also quite partial to ageplay, if you wanted to play some horny, pent-up teen~

    Cosplay- This one is very open-ended, so some character suggestions include Samus, 2B, Overwatch girls, RWBY girls, and V-tubers! Could be anything from a big convention, a girlfriend giving you a special present, or your big sister giving you a special birthday gift~ This one also has some ageplay leeway!

    If you're interested, feel free to message me with your favorite idea! If you have something of your own you think I might like, please let me know! Some other themes I'm really interested in include big dicks (10-14 inches) and horsecocks! To that end, I will be very partial to those that come to me with refs from the wonderful artist Limebreaker! Seriously, if you use some of their stuff as a ref, you're instantly in first place~

    A few things I'm looking for in a partner: [MOD EDIT: Removed Section 14 Violating Content] Literacy. I typically write at least three paragraphs per response and I can go beyond that, depending on the scene, so I would like you to match that amount. Similarly, proper grammar and such is a requirement. When you message me, a few things will immediately push you to the front of my list: Onomatopoeia. Sound effects are insanely hot to me. Stuff like *plap, gllk, mwah*, stuff like that! If you include those in your writing regularly, please message me. Additionally oral. As much as possible. Deepthroating, cockwarming, the likes. The more detailed and sloppier, the better. And of course, an example of your writing would also be great! Doesn't necessarily have to be a direct response to my above excerpt, but feel free!

    Please refer to my roleplaying preferences post on my profile and attached to my post if you want a more detailed list of my kinks and limits. I will also emphasize my writing requirements. If you cannot write at least three paragraphs for each of your response, I will not bother with you. 

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