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  • [f4M] White college golden boy and his harem of Asian sluts! (Raceplay, WMAF, Harem!)

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    Hello! Today I'm looking for a White male partner to play out a roleplay mainly centered around the Raceplay and Harem kinks. The premise is as follows - you'll play as a college's quote on quote golden boy; the perfect guy per say. Quarterback of the football team, body of a greek god, perfect GPA, a smile that could melt hearts and a friendly attitude towards everyone. You've led many girls to your bedroom and subsequently your bed, but generally speaking your sex life has been fairly vanilla, and mostly restricted to White girls. That is, until you meet my first character - an Asian cheerleader slash complete slut rumored to not wear panties under her cheerleading skirt, I become your first sexual contact with Asian women. During our first time together, everything was going well until you were about to reach your climax and pull out - that's when I yelled out: "Bleach me Master! Colonize my womb with your Big White Cock!" Which completely caught you by surprise and made you cum inside me.

    After sex we have a sort of deep talk. You admit that my comment made you tick and from there I introduce you to the world of Raceplay, more specifically WMAF Raceplay, yellow fever and White superiority, and tell you that a guy like you could have a Harem of Asian women crawling at his feet, and that I'd happily be a part of it.

    From here there's multiple paths we can take with this roleplay, but what I initially have in mind is having your character be convinced to go off on a journey to conquer the college's Asian women, be them students or faculty members, and add them to his newfound harem. I'd play as all of the female characters he'd encounter along the way, and together we can play out these scenarios. I'm hoping for something more long-term with this, and maybe, later on, we could even develop our characters' lives post-graduation.

    Playing this out on Discord is something I'm very willing to do! Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kinks: Traditional gender roles, misogyny, rough sex, being degraded, raceplay, political play, size difference, unrealistic sizes, age gaps, incest, breeding, impregnation, public sex, harem, ff(+)m, just to name a few.

    Limits: Beast, scat, gore, snuff.

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