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  • Femboy/Trap and Futa RP ideas

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    I'm a pretty simple femboy and love most things, if you are looking for my specific kink i have included my preference sheet, also feel free to ask me anything! I primarily play Femboys/Traps, but i am fully able to and willing to playing Futas, mostly, but not limited to the submissive side! I can always play power bottoms and more dominant characters, if you would prefer!

    Here are some different settings i wouldn't mind exploring (I'll add more ideas as they come to me):

    Generic high fantasy, medieval setting

    My character character could be a traveling mercenary, trader, enchanter... whatever who either needs some help or gets into trouble with your character. It could be non-con attacked by the creatures/bandits they were sent to vanquish, or nothing nasty at all and they just falls in love with a stable boy... The possibilities are endless and i don't mind expanding and coming up with a grand idea with you.

    Generic Modern day

     A more lovey-dovey, modern day, but with possible fantasy hints. My shy character finds love in your character, maybe they protected him against a bully, co-workers catching one anothers eyes on late shifts, or anything in between. I hope this roleplay would lead to a sub and dom dynamic, hopefully even a pet play thing as they develop their relationships.

    Fantastical Brothel


    Your character happens across a mysterious, glowing red door attached to a small abandoned building in the shady part of town. Going through the doorway, it turns out it's much much bigger on the inside, not to mention clean and not abandoned at all! The building is inhabited by beautiful and feminine fantasy and magical creatures. Femboys, futas, dick-girls, everything you could want from a brothel, you've really hit the jackpot!

    The brothel is in a magical plain of existence and house wondrous beauties to try out! Each working Girl/Boi can act as a unique fetish for your character. How i see this RP working, would be that i play each working girl that your character visits, as they go on a crazy night out, going deeper as they get lost to lust and excitement!

    I would play most of the prostitutes as submissive, but some if not most can be dominatrix's if that's more up your alley! 

    Sissy Factory !Craving!


    My already effeminate femboy, gets captured, or willingly becomes part of a program which takes him in and begins changing his life. The facility is trialing very experimental drugs (or magic, depending on the setting) which begin morphing him physical appearance and psyche, turning him into a cum craving, dick loving whore... to put it bluntly.

    The effects of these changes leaves him with addictions and makes him obedient. This RP will most definitely involve: feminization, hypnotizing, cum addiction, mental and physical abuse, degradation, Master/slave play, hopefully race-play too if the right partner comes along, plus anything else you want. 

    Knotty Dog, Dire-Wolf Services !Craving! 


    My character lives in a world where many people, mostly the well off, have humanoid dire-wolves as household pets. Some even own property and live on their own. It is my characters occupation to groom, walk and look after these creatures. However this job also includes sexually pleasing them, many people in this world are scared of the idea of being knotted and shy away from such a thing, but luckily for your character, mine adores being knotted!

    The Rp could be my character going around to multiple Dire wolf houses, pleasing them one by one, you playing each of the dire wolves. Alternatively it could focus on a single dire wolf, your character. Showing my character becoming attached to yours and loving their company... as well as their doggy dick...

    The Dragon and it's (S)layer


    My character is a humanoid dragon, human face and body, just heavily scaled with horns, wings and a powerful tail... He's a cute femboy, or Futa, but a stereotypical greedy dragon at heart, sat upon a throne of gold and treasure in his cave. One day along comes your character, a dragon slayer come to help a village or castle with their problem. You character could be a mage with powerful anti dragon spells and enchants; the ability to conjure chains and dragon restrains, or a gallant knight with a plethora of anti dragon weaponry, equipment and maybe even an entourage.

    Coming to the cave you realize it's no normal dragon, although they are taller than your average human and showing clear draconic properties. But yeah this is as far as i've gotten, i'm wanting to build the idea up with my partner, my character would try to be in charge, but quickly thwarted by yours, becoming the willing, or unwilling bottom and sub to yours.

    The possibilities here are endless, maybe you will challenge the dragon to a competition for his gold, with the promise of riches, possibly a lewder challenge than was expected, a challenge such as this is hard to turn down.... Or maybe you will restrain him whilst he slumbers, steal their gold and have your way with them, or even bring them back to the village in chains, giving them to the lord of the land's that they had ravaged as revenge, the king's new exotic pet... It's up to you, i'm excited to see what any of you come up with!

    The Wrong Side of Town


    Traveling home one day after a long day at College/Work/Etc. My character decides to go home a quicker route, quicker but a little scarier. Cutting through the rundown and shady part of town, my character is stop by a group of gangsters, capturing them and introducing them to a world of crime and slavery as a prostitute! My character is tagged, branded and forced to become a pleasure slave for life, whored out for money, used by the gang members and possibly becoming the leader's favorite toy.

    In this roleplay i would like it if you could play multiple characters as my character is lead into many different brutal and horrible situations, being used, passed around and sold like a whore.

    An unusual curio  


    A classic folk lore inspired story; where your character finds my character's imprisonment, be it an artifact in the woods or whatever. Sort of like a Genie's lamp, a demon's contract or dominated soul stone, a spirit's personal item, or something else entirely. As a result of rescuing them, they serve as your loyal companion, be they a spirit, demon, fairy... whatever! This RP would take heavily from fable like stories where things don't always need a reason to be, they just are, and follow their own magical rules as a result.

    I feel like this RP could be quite light hearted, it could also be full of unusual fetishes and kinks that, i, personally, don't do. For example, things like using the creature's magic of teleportation to displace body parts to make sex pretty interesting and even unexpected, like your character is in town or at work and, uh oh, your personal demon has displaced their head under your desk to suck you off, or their ass... y'know? But just fun scenarios in that sorta vein. This RP could be in any setting really, just adding a fantasy, mystical flair to it, modern, medieval, future, or any point in time really!

    Witch's Pet !Craving! 


    My character could happen across Your character's hut, hovel or even cave, in the woods. Being curious they explore it thinking it is abandoned. However it most certainly is not! My character could get captured by yours, who acts like a ''Mummy'' figure, all be it forced upon. Feeding my character all sorts of strange potions and brew they have come up with, transforming my character in many way, even giving them some sort of powers to be able to please and serve the witch better. Turning my character into their personal, well loved and cared for familiar. My character acting as a living test subject for your witch! I had also thought, maybe some of the experiments could consist of the witch feeding my character cum from different monsters and other worldly creatures she has come across, testing their effects on mortals. Possibly making them addicted, or even changing their physiology.

    I wanted this RP to heavily have pet and/or Mummy play, the witch being a Femdom or Futadom who smothers my character as she tries to turn them into the perfect familiar. My character gaining heavy Stockholm syndrome to the powerful woman. Magic and potions could be used for all sorts here, including transformations, arousal, bondage, hypnosis and much, much more! Heavy bondage and loving dom stuff, as well as force feeding, in term of potions and things, but also cum!

    Character ideas that could be used for these RPs!



    They are just vague ideas, i would love to expand on them with anyone of you, just message me if you have an idea!

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