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    Hey there everyone I am making a RP AD due to me wanting to get another RP to do since some of my RPs have halted almost completely, so I'm here with 3 Different Scenarios that I am looking for. The first is a Christmas Themed, the second is a FNAF Security Breach Themed, and the last is a Futa Abusive Mother using her child.

    Guidelines: | Green - Dark, Yellow - Quite Dark, Red - Heavily Dark. | Enter at your own Risk as there are some Dark Kinks or Scenes in the Yellow & Red ADs

    A Very White Christmas


    I do hope you all want to spread some Christmas cheer and joy with you playing a Futa Christmas Character raping and stuffing Gwen with your White Christmas Snow~ ❤️

    In this Roleplaying Story it is during the Holidays with Gwen and her Family celebrating it like anyone else, however, they are not believers of Santa Claus or the evil Mr Krampus. Though during Christmas Eve Gwen ends up going downstairs hearing some ruckus with her Parents sound asleep only for her to go to the Living Room over to the Christmas Tree, as she see Mrs Santa Claus standing there with her giant cock out fucking the Christmas Turkey stuffing it with her 'Christmas Cheer'

    Kinks: Rape, Creampie, Cock-Slapping, Innuendos/Puns, Risky Sex, Hair-Pulling, and more~

    FNAF Security Breach - Pedo Vanny rapes Underage Ginger as her Personal Cocksleeve & Cumdumpster


    Gwen was with her Mother at the new Five Night's at Freddy's Glamrock Pizzaria having a blast with her, and with time just flying by things tend to end up happening with Gwen getting lost as her Mother is forced to leave the place to try and find her dear Daughter the next day. However, as the clcok hits 12:00 AM does things go from bad to horrible, with Vanny the creepy rabbit with a massive cock going on the prowl as she sees Gwen in the monitors thinking she had gotten a new plaything like all the other Children.

    Kinks: Rape, Necrophilia, Creampie, Cock-Slapping, Double Penetration, Stabbing, Cum Showering, Choking, Spitting, Hair-Pulling and more~

    Gwen and her Pedophile Abusive Futa Mother


    Gwen's Futa Mother is blaming Gwen for her lover's death at birth and thus as the years go on, she begins being abusive and overall a bitch towards her own daughter as she decides to start using her daughter sexually in rough manners. Having her daughter give her blowjobs when she doesn't want to or straight up fuck her own child whenever she feels like, even going so far as to pimp her out to get more money for herself to use on whatever she wants.

    Kinks: Rape, Creampie, Cock-Slapping, Gangbang, Racial Slurs, Cocky Bastards, Choking, Spitting, Hair-Pulling and more~

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