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  • Futa seeking female- debauchery abound for nearly every type

    • Comment here first! Looking

    The tags are just some of the things that I thought off the top of my head that might interest some people. Do you want to play a female OC opposite a dominant futa who will fuck you into you next week and leave you a mess in the end? Do you want a dominant mistress to teach you the ropes when it comes to sex and own your little body? Do you want a big cock mom to ruin her daughters innocence and turn her into a total incest slut? If so, you came to the right place!

    I'm open to most kinks so don't hesitate to pitch an idea but I prefer playing the dominant so keep that in mind.

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    @KillerQueen22 I'm heavily into Futa x Female with me as the Submissive little bitch~

    I do wanna ask if you are into Darker Kinks such as Underage, Rape, BBC, and Risky Sex

    I do want to do Multi-Paragraph Posts when Roleplaying, though we can discuss it in more details if you are interested. 

    I also love Long-Term RPs and I can Roleplay both on ED and Discord if you have a preferred place. 

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    id love to do a rp of a dominant futa that would teach bratty MC how to behave even if that means punishment, I can deal with almost any kink expect filth, and I can write paragraphs depending on your preference!

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    What would you think of doing an RP where a teacher gets fed up with a particularly bratty student of hers and decides to use her big futa dick to teach the bitch a lesson?

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