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    Kai's Law: Anything that can be lewd will inevitably become lewd.


    "Kai Ichimasu didn't set out to live a filthy life, no he was just a normal guy until puberty hit, that's when his life got...interesting. It seems no matter where he goes or what he does, he always ends up in situations right out of a bad pornographic film. He gets a job delivering pizza's to earn some extra cash? Next thing you know horny housewives are asking him for extra sausage! He asks his step-sister to open a window for him? Next thing you know she's stuck in it with her panties around her ankles! He doesn't plan these things, but give even the thinnest possibility of a lewd setup and it'll always end up that way. That being said it's not that he doesn't enjoy it, but that's not to say his life is all peaches and cream." 


    So this is a really basic idea, in a nut shell it's meant to poke fun at those stupid porn premises while actively engaging in them. YC would play a woman who keeps crossing MC's path, inevitably ending up in these wild situations over and over again. I think it could be fun.

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